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Survey & Certification Resources

The FSES may be used when evaluating the level of safety provided for a Health Care occupancy that does not conform with the provisions of Section 7.7 "";Discharge from Exits""; NFPA, 2000 edition, including the use of unpaved exits under certain circumstances. See (NFPA 101A, Chapter 4, 2001 edition).
1) Up to 300 cubic feet of nonflammable medical gas may be accessible as operational supply rather than storage, when properly secured. 2) An individual container of medical gas placed in a patient room for "";as needed""; (but regular) individual use is not required to be stored in an enclosure, when properly secured.

CMS has been asked to clarify the use of the Interpretive Guidance to Surveyors for Long Term Care Facilities in reviewing for compliance with the regulatory requirements for nursing homes. Surveyors must cite all deficiencies based on a violation of statutory and/or regulatory requirements.