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 Workforce Toolkit

4 Key Strategies to Retain New Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover (Members Only Content - login required)

This resource guide identifies key person-centered strategies to reduce employee turnover and provides tools to help long term care providers successfully interview, hire, monitor/evaluate/mentor, and retain staff.  The guide focuses on 4 main strategies. Download each individual section by clicking on the links below.

Introduction & Leadership Responsibilities

Strategy 1: Interviewing New Candidates - Employee Participation   

Strategy 2: Behavioral Based Interview Questions

Form: Sample Candidate Evaluation Record

Strategy 3: Performing 30 – 60 – 90 Day Reviews

Form: 30-60-90 Feedback by New Employee

Form: 30-60-90 Supervisor Evaluation of New Employee

Strategy 4: Walkabouts/Rounding on Direct Reports

Form: Walkabout/Rounding Staff Log

Cost of Turnover Calculator (xls)​​


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