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Reports Show Assisted Living Providers’ Commitment To High Quality Care  
Reports Show Assisted Living Providers’ Commitment To High Quality Care

NCAL Contact: Lisa Gluckstern, (202) 898-2825, cell (202) 578-2323,


Tampa, Fla. –Today, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) released results from two surveys revealing that 91 percent of the participating assisted living providers measure resident and family satisfaction levels, and that overall 71 percent of staff remained working at the same community in 2011.

The statistics are from the “NCAL 2012 Assisted Living Performance Measures Survey” which was limited to NCAL members, and the “NCAL 2011 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention, And Turnover Survey (VRT)” which fielded responses from NCAL, Leading Age, American Seniors Housing Association, and Assisted Living Federation of America members. This is the third consecutive year NCAL has issued these reports. Together these reports cover 10 performance measure areas that are key to delivering high quality care.

“The reports give us tangible data that tells the profession’s quality story in a way that can be easily understood by residents, families, staff, and policymakers alike,” says Dave Kyllo, NCAL executive director. “The results of the questionnaires show providers remain dedicated to delivering high-quality services and person centered care.”

Ninety-eight percent of the respondents reviewed incident reports for residents and almost 97 percent reviewed incident reports for staff. This year, the Performance Measures Survey contained additional questions about employee programs that may help staff stability. Ninety-eight percent of participants reported having formal ongoing employee training. Slightly more than 75 percent of respondents had employee recognition programs, and 60 percent had an employee assistance program.

The VRT survey covers retention, vacancy and turnover rate for five job categories and 16 job positions. The overall retention rate for all assisted living employees was 71 percent, overall turnover rate 25 percent and overall vacancy rate was 2 percent. The category with highest retention rate was Administrative and Management with 84 percent, and the food services category had the lowest retention rate with 72 percent. While the overall vacancy rate across all major assisted living job categories is low, nursing staff had the highest vacancy rate with 3 percent and the highest turnover (29 percent).

“Staff is essential for delivering high quality care to residents,” says Kyllo. “Staff that is happy in their work environments, usually results in residents who are satisfied with the provider. That’s why measuring and tracking data in these key areas are so important.”
To obtain copies of the reports contact Lisa Gluckstern.

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) represents more than 3,500 not-for-profit and proprietary assisted living and residential care communities dedicated to improving lives by delivering solutions for quality care for seniors and individuals with disabilities. NCAL is the assisted living voice of the American Health Care Association.