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Staff Stability

​Target: Each year, until March 2, 2015 at 12:00 p.m., maintain nursing staff (RN, LPN/LVN, CNA) turnover rates below 30 percent.

Those who work most closely with residents are at the core of providing quality care. There is significant research showing that satisfied and happy staff contributes to greater quality of life of the residents in our communities and provide better quality of care. 

With a more satisfied and committed staff, providers see increased retention rates and fewer accidents and injuries to the workforce, all of which contribute to better overall performance of the community. The more consistent the staff is, the more they understand and are able to effectively respond to each person’s needs – reinforcing our commitment to delivering person-centered care. 

How can assisted living communities achieve this goal? 
Communities can achieve this goal by focusing on staff satisfaction, turnover, and empowerment, as well as consistent assignment.
  • Regularly measure staff satisfaction, including drill-down to specific factors to inform quality improvement efforts
  • Measure and track staff turnover to identify patterns, trends and potential root causes of high turnover in order to act on them
  • Empower staff at all levels to participate in problem-solving and quality improvement to ensure that solutions are based in first-hand knowledge of the systems and challenges that impact day-to-day care
  • Use consistent assignment to foster close and continuing relationships that contribute to staff’s ability to be successful
  • Utilize the tools on the Quality Initiative for Assisted Living website

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