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Customer Satisfaction

​Target: By March 2, 2015 at 12:00 p. m., maintain the number of customers who would recommend the community to others at or above 90 percent.  Communities with customer satisfaction below 90 percent should improve to 90 percent by March 2015.

Just like any other business, assisted living communities must ensure that the customer is king. 

Assisted living is already doing well in this area and we want to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Rates of overall satisfaction with care and “willingness to recommend” an assisted living community to others have increased over the past several years. Among consumers and families, this number is 91 - 94 percent.

How can assisted living communities achieve this goal?
Communities can take steps to ensure customer satisfaction is being met by:

  • Regularly measuring customer satisfaction, including identifying key factors that are contributing to overall ratings in order to pinpoint actionable areas for improvement.
  • Utilizing satisfaction data to prioritize quality improvement needs and act on them.
  • Using consistent assignment of staff to allow positive and continuing relationships to develop that allow staff to successfully provide individualized, person-centered care.
  • Utilize the tools on the Quality Initiative for Assisted Living website