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Customer Satisfaction

Similar to many other professions, the happiness and peace of mind of patients, residents and their families is paramount to skilled nursing care centers.  That is why the Association has made great progress in identifying a customer satisfaction survey—the CoreQ—that can be uniformly used by long term and post-acute care providers.    
AHCA is working with leading survey vendors to incorporate the CoreQ into their questionnaires and is building functionality to allow members to submit and track their results in LTC TrendTracker(SM).


Winslow Campus of Care

Winslow, Arizona

Learn how Cathy Williams has improved the customer experience by honoring the culture of their Native American residents.

Share your facility's story on increasing customer satisfaction

Progress will be measured using composite measures. This functionality is in development and will be complete by October 2015.
​DISCLAIMER: The AHCA/NCAL quality programs’ contents, including their goals and standards, represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards or expected norms for skilled nursing and/or assisted living providers. As always, the provider is responsible for making clinical decisions and providing care that is best for each individual person.