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  • 2017 Sponsors

What's Happening in Washington?
Mark Parkinson and Clif Porter provide an update on the First 100 Days of the new administration as well as current and future Congressional policy initiatives that impact the membership. 

Joining Mark and Clif will be The Honorable Haley Barbour, Partner, BGR, Brian D. Ballard, President, Ballard Partners, and Bob Russell, Founding Partner, The Simmons & Russell Group.

Advance Conference Registration Ends: MARCH 31.​
NOTE: Provider attendees with multiple business interests that are competitive with event sponsors can participate in their capacity as providers only. Anyone who cannot agree will not be invited back as a Provider but is welcome to inquire with AHCA/NCAL Vendor Relations about event sponsorship opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Julie Painter (202) 898-6322.