Podcast: Self-Care in Long Term Care – Self-Compassion

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AHCA/NCAL’s Self-Care in Long Term Care podcast series continues.  The first podcast focused on why self-care is important and explored the power of “the pause.” The second podcast explored the power of movement and the 4-7-8 breathing technique. While we know that self-care is important, it is often the last thing we have time for. The third podcast explored the power of getting outside and gratitude. The fourth podcast focused on positivity in self-care and how implementing “good things for good change” can expand your mind's ability to recognize the positive events that happen every day and how they can improve your overall well-being. 
Launched this month, the fifth podcast focuses on self-compassion in preventing burnout, fatigue, and compassion fatigue. The Self-Care in Long Term Care podcast series is comprised of short listening sessions that help build our proverbial toolboxes to reduce stress, burnout, fatigue and increase our resiliency.    

You may access the entire podcast series through ahcancalED: https://educate.ahcancal.org/podcasts   
Podcasts are released each month, so stay tuned for more in this series.