• 2015 Improving Lives.
    Delivering Solutions.
    Quality Care.

  • President's

    This year, we set the bar even higher. The Board has set goals and priorities that will continue to improve lives and deliver solutions for the patients, residents and families we serve.

    As we look to the year ahead, we remain steadfast and committed to providing quality long term and post-acute care.

    Mark Parkinson Signature

    Mark Parkinson
    AHCA/NCAL President & CEO

  • Membership

    AHCA/NCAL is the nation's leading association representing long term and post-acute care centers. Since 2010, AHCA/NCAL membership has steadily grown from 11,247 to 13,127 facilities, an increase of nearly 17 percent.

    • 11247 2010
    • 11354 2011
    • 11634 2012
    • 12258 2013
    • 12729 2014
    • 13127 2015

    Total Number of Facilities

  • Leadership

    AHCA/NCAL'S elected and appointed leadership consistently works to prepare the association for new challenges. Each board member brings unique expertise and a strong commitment to the long term and post-acute care profession.

    2015-2016 Board Members

    AHCA Board of Governers

    • Tom Coble (OK)
    • Michael Wylie (PA)
      AHCA Vice Chair
    • Robin Hillier (OH)
    • Leonard Russ (NY)
      Immediate Past Chair
    • Phil Fogg (OR)
      Executive Committee Liaison/At-Large Representative
    • Greg Elliot (WV)
      At-Large Representative
    • Paul Liistro (CT)
      At-Large Representative
    • Debbie Meade (GA)
      At-Large Representative
    • David Norsworthy (AR)
      At-Large Representative
    • Phil Scalo (NJ)
      Independent Owner Representative
    • Steve Cavanaugh (VA)
      Multifacility Representative
    • Steve Chies (MN)
      Not-for-Profit Representative
    • Glenn Van Ekeren (NE)
      Regional Multifacility Representative
    • Chris Mason (OR)
      NCAL Representative
    • Dick Herrick (NY)
      Affiliated State Health Care Association Executive (ASHCAE) Representative
    • Peter Corless (OH)
      Associate Business Member (ABM) Representative
    • Mark Parkinson
      AHCA/NCAL President & CEO

    NCAL Board of Directors

    • Chris Mason (OR)
      NCAL Chair
    • Ashley Blankenship (AR)
      NCAL Vice Chair
    • Helen Crunk (NE)
      NCAL Secretary/Treasurer
    • Pat Giorgio (IA)
      Immediate Past Chair
    • Rod Burkett (IL)
      At-Large Representative
    • David Chensvold (IA)
      At-Large Representative
    • Michele DeClemente-Hughes (NJ)
      At-Large Representative
    • Lee Field (WA)
      At-Large Representative
    • Denise German (KS)
      At-Large Representative
    • Gerald Hamilton (NM)
      At-Large Representative
    • Steven Heaney (NJ)
      At-Large Representative
    • Jeanne Jaeckels (MN)
      At-Large Representative
    • Carmy Jerome (CO)
      At-Large Representative
    • Mark Maxfield (ID)
      At-Large Representative
    • Ed McMahon (VA)
      At-Large Representative
    • Sean Mockbee (AZ)
      At-Large Representative
    • Steve Schrunk (FL)
      At-Large Representative
    • Laurie Shepard (MI)
      At-Large Representative
    • Dirk Anjewierden (UT)
      ASHCAE Vice President
    • Heath Boddy (NE)
      ASHCAE Representative
    • Kathleen Collins
      ASHCAE Representative
    • Shawn Scott (IL)
      Associate Business Member (ABM) Representative
    • Michael Wylie (PA)
      AHCA Vice Chair
  • Delivering Value &
    Thought Leadership

  • Provider Magazine

    Provider is the leading magazine for long term and post-acute care professionals. Provider's sole focus is to bring concrete tools, knowledge, experience and resources directly to the people who make care centers run.

    Our content defines leadership, shapes the sector and has a direct impact on elevating the quality and care delivered throughout the profession.

  • Events

    In 2015, attendees at AHCA/NCAL events heard from distinguished presenters who spoke about delivering world-class leadership, the importance of innovation and achieving new milestones.

    Featured Speakers

    • General Stan McChrystal
      former Commander of the Join Special Operations Command (JSOC)
    • Alice Bonner
      Secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    • Shawn Achor
      American happiness researcher, author, and speaker on positive psychology
    • Charles Bloom
      Chief Strategic Officer for Marquis Companies/Consonus Healthcare
    • Lee Ellis
      President and founder of Leadership Freedom® LLC
    • Mark Schultz
      Olympian and two-time World Champion freestyle wrestler, inspiration for Foxcatcher movie
    • Dennis Snow
      former Walt Disney leadership team
    • Jake Wood
      Founder of Team Rubicon, author of Take Command: Lessons in Leadership
  • Education

    This year, we created a solution to bridge the education gap.

    ahcancalED is a comprehensive online Learning Management System (LMS). The resource supports AHCA/NCAL members who do not have elaborate education departments or time to develop the newest in-service training.

    ahcancalED is available free to members and includes:

    • educational programs
    • webinars
    • instructional videos
    • training courses

  • Recognition

    The Hill recognized AHCA President and CEO, Mark Parkinson, in its annual Top Lobbyists list for the Association's work in getting the doc fix legislation passed.

    Every year, Modern Healthcare magazine selects the top 100 most influential in health care from thousands of leaders nationwide. This year, the editorial and selection committee named Mark Parkinson as among its slate for the most impactful in this field.

    The Washington Post named AHCA/NCAL the 16th top small workplace in Washington, DC and # 1 among trade associations in its Top Workplaces for 2015. The Top Workplaces program is designed to recognize organizations with greater than 50 employees who aspire to out-perform their peer groups in key areas of employment and employee satisfaction.

  • A Voice for the Profession

  • Congressional
    Doc Fix

    In March, Congress permanently repealed Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula – the method to reimburse doctors for the care they give under the Medicare program. Enactment of this law was a signature win for the Association and its members, patients and residents; bringing much-needed stability to the sector.

  • On the Hill

    Engaging Capitol Hill

    • 534 meetings between AHCA/ NCAL members and congressional offices
    • 5 fly-ins, including the Congressional Briefing

    (L-R) Len Russ, Immediate Past AHCA Chair, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Mark Parkinson, AHCA/NCAL President and CEO.

  • On the Hill

    Amplifying key messages

    • 91,217 active advocates nationwide
    • 138 tours in member centers
    • 1,044 users of the Care Advocacy app
    • Over 8,500 letters delivered to CMS on proposed Requirements of Participation

    Political Action Committee delivers strong results

    • 2nd largest PAC in the hospital/skilled nursing sector
    • More than $5.5 million in political activity
    • 50 political events
  • The Liability Toolkit

    In today’s litigious environment, skilled nursing and assisted living centers are easy targets for lawsuits.

    AHCA/NCAL developed a Professional Liability Toolkit to offer guidance for reducing risk and avoiding litigation, as well as approaches for responding to negative attorney advertising.

    What's inside

    • Risk management, communication, legal,and legislative strategies
    • Communications best practices
    • Consumers insights gleaned through focus group research
  • Care Conversations

    Care Conversations - an initiative of the Public Education and Communications Committee - is a site that educates residents and families on the long term care profession and quality care options. Care Conversations has become a trusted resource for families and professionals alike.

    New This Year

    Care Conversations launched an email for AHCA members and long term care professionals sharing educational resources for residents and families. Over 4,000 people have signed up to receive these updates.

  • Therapy Advocacy

    2015 marked the second full year of dedicated therapy advocacy staffing and member advisory group initiatives.

    Legislation – MACRA Act

    • Permanently eliminated 21% Part B therapy fee schedule cuts through SGR repeal
    • Guaranteed annual 0.5% increases in base fee schedule through 2018
    • Extended the therapy caps exceptions process through December 2017
    • Replaced 100% manual medical review (MMR) at $3700 threshold with a very limited targeted MMR program through December 2017
  • Therapy Advocacy


    • Avoided therapy component cuts in SNF PPS rule
    • Led CMS to adopt AHCA therapy related comments in the SNF PPS, Physician Fee Schedule, and CJR final rules, and contributed therapy comments in the pending SNF RoP and Part B APM and MIPS rules.
  • Payment Reform

    In 2015, AHCA advanced a viable, proactive and comprehensive vision for payment reform. We vetted the plan with membership, seeking feedback and ensuring all voices were heard.

    We held meetings with key Congressional and Administration leaders to build a strong external support. Working closely with our members, AHCA will continue to move the Payment Reform initiative forward in 2016.

  • The Long Term Care
    Trend Tracker

  • Long Term Care Trend Tracker

    LTC Trend Tracker is an online tool available to all AHCA members as part of their membership. Members can access performance reports to help track, organize and compare clinical, quality and financial operations data over time.

  • New Features
    This Year

    AHCA members can now:

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