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LED Talks

Monday, March 13, 2018 
​8:00am - 10:00am  - Acadia Ballroom

Provider magazine will curate a series of thought-provoking talks. Known as LED -- Lead, Engage, Discover -- they are aimed at bringing you topics and ideas that are evocative, inspirational, and sometimes unsettling.

LED Talk #1 - Helping the Homeless – Rockport Health Care. Stories of residents taking a frontline role in preparing meals and serving them to homeless individuals.​

LED Talk #2 - Caring for Navajo Elders – Winslow Campus of Care. This center goes above and beyond to make accommodations into everyday operations, letting both staff and residents know their Navajo customs and beliefs are alive and well, and respected.

LED Talk #3 - Multigenerational Care/Preschool – Goram House. The ED will share heartfelt stories that show the benefits of a multigenerational model of care for everyone.