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 Educational Resource

ahcancalED is a comprehensive online Learning Management System (LMS) for AHCA/NCAL members and their staffs. We designed and created this new resource to support our members who do not have elaborate education departments or time to develop the newest in-service training. It's a great value-added benefit and a tangible example of our commitment to enhancing quality.
We heard from many state affiliates and members who recognized an education gap due to the fast-paced nature of our industry. We responded by creating a solution to bridge the education gap. Best of all, the information on ahcancalED is available free to members.
ahcancalED contains a wealth of information including educational programs, webinars, instructional videos, training courses, and other tools. It also includes opportunities to discuss topics, learn best practices, and grow the competency of staff. It is designed to help individuals in our profession do a better job of caring for patients and residents and advance in their careers.
The information is structured to make the online learning experience engaging, meaningful, and interactive for users. The fresh graphics and clearly defined sections within the site make it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. The site also allows users to track their own learning progress.
Teams of member experts from around the country working with AHCA/NCAL staff have helped to create the content. We will constantly be adding new programs and materials so that we can keep the site fresh and dynamic.
If you have suggestions for content or other site enhancements, please contact a member of the ahcancalED team at We look forward to hearing from you with ideas that will help improve quality and strengthen the knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff in the long term and post-acute care community.