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Transactions and Code Sets




Diagnostic coding plays several important roles in every healthcare setting, including skilled nursing care centers. SNFs assign ICD-9 codes to capture a resident's clinical conditions.  ICD-9 codes facilitate the collection and organization of healthcare statistics on the incidence of diseases. Diagnostic coding is used to:

  • Collect diagnostic and statistical data about persons treated by healthcare providers;
  • Support clinical decision making;
  • Support reimbursement for services provided;
  • Comply with federal standards for reporting diagnostic data; and
  • Provide data to support clinical research and quality improvement activities.

 ICD-9-CM Resources

ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Coding Exercises (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Coding Exercises (2009)
ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Coding Exercises Answers (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Coding Exercises Answers (2009)
ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 1 (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 1 (2009)
ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 2 (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 2 (2009)
ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 3 (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals Part 3 (2009)
ICD-9 Coding Fundamentals V-Codes Factsheet (2009).pdfICD-9 Coding Fundamentals V-Codes Factsheet (2009)
Using V-Codes in LTC (2009).pdfUsing V-Codes in LTC (2009)


Note: In March 2014, President Obama signed H.R. 4302 (the one-year “doc fix”) into law, which temporarily delays cuts to doctor reimbursements under Medicare, and also delays implementation of ICD-10 until at least October 1, 2015. AHCA will continue to gather guidance from CMS on this development and send information to our states affiliates to disseminate to the membership.
Disclaimer: These documents/forms and flow charts are presented as models only by way of illustration. They have not been reviewed by counsel. Before applying a particular form to a specific use by your organization, they should be reviewed by a counsel knowledgeable concerning federal and state privacy laws related to the use of medical records.