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Medicaid and Finance Policy

​State Medicaid programs can cover home and community-based services (HCBS) such as personal care and supportive services provided in assisted living communities. Medicaid does not pay for room and board costs.

States can use several different Medicaid authorities to cover such services in assisted living:

  • Medicaid state plan authorities,
  • § 1915(c) HCBS waiver,
  • concurrent § 1915(b) managed care waiver, or
  • §1115 research or demonstration programs.

Note, a small minority of state Medicaid programs do not cover services in assisted living. 




​Tell Lawmakers To Preserve Medicaid

Potential Funding Cuts Put America's Vulnerable Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities At Risk

The future of our Medicaid funding faces its greatest threat in years. Congress is considering reforms that would further challenge our ability to provide quality care to our poorest residents. These proposals could dramatically reduce funding to the states and eliminate supplemental funding mechanisms. Download our issue brief.





 Medicaid and Finance Policy Documents


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