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collapse Program : Advancing Excellence ‎(2)
Advancing Excellence Campaign
"Advancing Excellence in Action — Reducing Pressure Ulcers
Since Summerhill Senior Community enrolled in Advancing Excellence, we’ve implemented a number of positive changes in resident care. The tools and resources at our disposal helped us achieve a significant reduction in facility acquired pressure ulcers. We’re proud that we have exceeded and maintained this goal for over a year. Thank you, Advancing Excellence! "
Kathy Eve is a registered nurse and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator at Crossroads Medical Management in Perry, Georgia.
Kathy Eve, RN, Administrator
Crossroads Medical Management – Perry, GA
"The Advancing Excellence Campaign has thoroughly addressed the critical components for workforce excellence, quality care, consistent assignment, and reduction of staff turnover. I have found the Advancing Excellence tools to be a positive force in engaging workforce to achieve organizational excellence and building a supportive workforce environment.  Advancing Excellence  provides  wonderful tools, at no cost,  for improving overall quality care and services as well as teaching the fundamental components of a good quality improvement program."
Demi Haffenreffer, RN, MBA, Principal
Haffenreffer and Associates, Inc.  – Portland, OR
collapse Program : Customer Satisfaction ‎(1)
Patient Outcomes with Customer Satisfaction Survey Data
"As a nurse, my goal is to help others. As the administrator at Westbury Health and Rehabilitation Center in McDonough, Georgia, it’s providing the information, tools, and support necessary for my staff to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.  All this leads to our most important end result — improved patient outcomes. My InnerView is a resource with a proven track record of accomplishing just that. Not only does it provide streamlined data, but it’s quick and easy to analyze. 
Every successful employer wants to keep both clients and staff satisfied. In the nursing home profession, it’s even more important because the interaction between both parties drives the performance of our organization. I have peace of mind knowing that overall staff, resident and family member satisfaction data is right at my fingertips, 24/7.
The end result? Happier patients, improved patient outcomes and outstanding performance. I am proud to say that, with the help of My InnerView data, Westbury Health and Rehabilitation Center scored in the top 10 percent in the nation in workforce satisfaction.
Improved Ratings for Westbury:
  • improved dining services
  • higher staff retention rates
  • more consistent staff assignments
  • better clinical outcomes
  • increased patient satisfaction"
Darcy Watson, RN, Administrator
Westbury Health and Rehabilitation Center – McDonough, GA
collapse Program : LTC TrendTracker ‎(1)
By the Numbers — Measuring Progress through LTC Trend Tracker
"To get ahead, we have to know where our competition stands. As administrator at Heritage Healthcare of Elkin in Elkin, North Carolina, I rely on LTC Trend Tracker for a comparative analysis of my facility’s status to others. LTC Trend Tracker allows me quick access to overall census, staffing ratios, financial performance and even survey outcomes over the past 4-5 years. Knowing where we stand and benchmarking our progress gives us the competitive edge we need to serve today’s residents."
Linda Reece, RN, Administrator
Heritage Healthcare of Elkin – Elkin, NC
collapse Program : National Quality Award ‎(4)
Awards and Recipients
"Completing the AHCA Quality Award application requires a significant commitment from LivingCenter employees. The return on this investment, however, extends beyond the reward of formal recognition by AHCA. The application process requires us to take an in-depth look at our quality systems and complete detailed analysis on the steps we have taken to achieve and validate positive results. Through this process, we learn a great deal about what has made us successful. This knowledge impacts our decisions as we move forward with continuous quality improvement"
Brian Mueller, LNHA, Executive Director and
Terry Davis, RN, Director of Nursing
Golden LivingCenter – Hillcreek – Louisville, KY

"Perspective:  Quality Awards Promote Solid Vision, Teamwork
I’m living proof.  As the administrator of Gordon Health & Rehabilitation in Calhoun, Georgia, I’ve seen firsthand the intense evaluation and self-improvement the AHCA Quality Program demands of its participants.  Even during the beginning stages of the Bronze level application, my center’s team learned how to take a guided look at themselves to determine important elements regarding organizational priorities and objectives. This process is an excellent way to evaluate what has led to successful implementation while also revealing the necessary steps to excel even further. 
Improvement and learning go hand in hand.  And leading the Bronze and Silver applications in two separate facilities only affirmed my belief that the Quality Awards foster team building and a self-evaluation where everyone benefits.
When a group sits down and commits collectively to an objective, step-by-step analysis of its own internal processes and systems, an uncommon sense of duty to pursue a common goal develops.  That pledge is further revealed as each individual member realizes he or she plays a crucial role in assuring the highest standards are not only met, but exceeded.
It’s not enough to merely apply for these awards and simply check boxes on a sheet of paper.  The Quality Award program is merely the roadmap.  We must take the first steps of the journey ourselves.  Walking through this process forces a center to identify the weak areas of its systems, and by doing so, helps to prioritize where the greatest impact can be made by implementing even small incremental adjustments. 
I’ve seen the performance, both in my staff and across facilities.  Take the steps on that quality journey!"
Andy Miller, LNHA, Administrator
Gordon Health and Rehabilitation – Calhoun, GA
“Being recognized by AHCA/NCAL with the 2010 Gold Excellence in Quality Award has been one of the most exciting events in the history of Manchester Manor for our organization, residents and family members.
Since our initial participation in the Quality Award program in 2007, the Baldrige Critera for Performance Excellence in Healthcare have challenged us to evaluate our current systems,  embrace change, and focus on improving our systematic approaches to providing quality services for our stakeholders.

The lessons we have learned and continue to learn from embracing the criteria are the foundation we need to guide us on our continuous journey and commitment to excellence.”

Mary Ellen Gaudette, LNHA, Administrator
Manchester Manor Health Care Center – Manchester, CT

"Usually the hardest part of any journey is taking the first step. For us at Good Samaritan Society-St. Peter the passage to quality began with a single step towards the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program. The journey towards the Bronze Award, formerly the Step I Award, was a path of discovery. Through the application process our Quality Assurance Committee, which included our Quality Assurance Coordinator, various department supervisors, our consulting pharmacist, and our Medical Director, reviewed the systems we had in place to identify a quality improvement process.   From the Quality Measures, we identified any problem areas and mapped an improvement process towards our goals.   

Following the quality award process, we identified key stakeholders of our mission including residents, family members, staff members, volunteers, clergy, community members, vendors, and other health care providers who are essential to the work we do. The best part of completing the AHCA/NCAL award journey was to realize that we were already doing many of the processes the Quality Awards promote. The Good Samaritan Society has many of the systems in place that not only defines our mission, vision and hallmarks of the Evangelical Lutheran Good Society, but also helps to promote and define quality care. In completing the application process, our Quality assurance systems and programs were validated.     

Journeying through the Quality Award Program process was a very rewarding experience for our staff. The Quality Award was a wonderful recognition for the work we do and acknowledges the systems we have in place to promote quality."

Mark Anderson, LNHA, Executive Director
Good Samaritan Society - Albert Lea - Albert Lea, MN
collapse Program : Staff Satisfaction ‎(1)

Assessing Staff Satisfaction

"In my role as Executive Director, I continuously seek to improve the satisfaction of those we serve – whether it is residents of our care center, their family members or the people we employ. Improving satisfaction can lead to customer loyalty – a priority here at Good Samaritan Society.  My InnerView is a satisfaction survey tool, that as an organization, we have found to be instrumental in guiding us in improving our stakeholder’s satisfaction. 

With the results of the organization’s most recent staff satisfaction survey, administration provided the outcome results to all employees.  With this information each employee was asked to vote on the top three areas that we, as a team, would like to see improve in the coming year.

Providing our employees the opportunity to vote not only gives them a voice, but also creates ownership.  With this sense of ownership, employees are engaged and intentional about meeting the outcomes.   For example, the 2009 My InnerView satisfaction survey revealed employees wanted to see an improvement in the quality of resident-related training.  A Process Improvement Team comprised of employees from all disciplines and shifts was developed to address this subject.  This group proposed to organize a series of educational meetings for all staff.  The outcome of the 2010 My InnerView staff satisfaction survey showed improvement in this area as a direct result of employees taking an active role in identifying the problem and creating a solution."

Mark Anderson, LNHA, Executive Director
Good Samaritan Society - Albert Lea - Albert Lea, MN