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Cross-Cutting Strategies


LTC Trend TrackerSM
A free member resource provided by AHCA, LTC Trend Tracker enables you to access key reports to track, organize, benchmark, and compare online all your clinical and operational data.

Advancing Excellence
The Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign
has a number of tracking tools that can be downloaded for various goals.



Model of Improvement
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has developed a Model of Improvement guideline on how to implement rapid-cycle change, which includes worksheets that can be downloaded. (Registering as a user is necessary to access certain content on the IHI website. There is no charge to register.) Register with IHI.

Root Cause Analysis
The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a Root Cause Analysis step-by-step guide.

Root Cause Analysis Template
Learn more about the purpose and use of a Root Case Analysis.  Download a free template worksheet for conducting a Root Cause Analysis.

PDSA Worksheet
Created by the Texas Health Quality Institute, this worksheet is designed to help track change.



Consistent Assignment - A Resource Guide (pdf)
This guide - available exclusively to AHCA members - is designed to support those who are adopting consistent assignment. It provides easy steps and links to resources that help an organization move through each phase of the process from initiation through adoption.

Constistent Assignment - Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign
Follow the campaign's 7 steps to promote consistent assignment in your nursing center.



Long-Term Care Improvement Guide
Planetree’s Long-Term Care Improvement Guide is a quality improvement guide from the perspective of the residents, their families, and staff.

Low Cost Practical Strategies to Transform Nursing Home Environments
This guidebook was created at the University of Minnesota and includes recommendations on low-cost ways to change the physical environment of the nursing home in order to improve quality of life.

Artifacts of Culture Change
This assessment tool can be used to chart progress of culture change and compare results to other facilities. (Free registration is necessary to access the tool.)



Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care
This book provides practical, easy approaches to implement changes that result in positive outcomes. (Book is available for purchase.)

The Leadership Excellence Workbook is designed as a guide to improve leadership skills. In addition, this webinar is for individuals interested in gaining the knowledge necessary to lead Leadership Excellence Self Assessment sessions in their organizations.



Staff Assist
This online tool allows you to model the potential impact on quality measures of changes in staffing variables including staffing levels, turnover, stability, and agency use. (Free registration is required to access the tool.)​​

​DISCLAIMER: The AHCA/NCAL quality programs’ contents, including their goals and standards, represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards or expected norms for skilled nursing and/or assisted living providers. As always, the provider is responsible for making clinical decisions and providing care that is best for each individual person.