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 Fast Facts

  • Almost 90% of communities measure resident and family satisfaction
  • 88.7% have a resident council
  • Of the communities that have a resident council, 82.7% have leadership that meet with the council

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Assessing Satisfaction In Health and Long-Term Care

Customer Satisfaction

Similar to many other professions, the happiness and peace of mind of residents and their families is paramount to assisted living communities. That is why the Association has made great progress in identifying a customer satisfaction survey—CoreQ—that can be uniformly used by long term and post-acute care providers.     

AHCA/NCAL has developed a core set of customer satisfaction questions to allow consistent measurement of satisfaction across all long term care settings, which supports the Quality Initiative. This questionnaire, called "CoreQhas been independently tested as a valid and reliable measure.

LTC Trend Tracker 

Members of NCAL can register and use LTC Trend Tracker to take advantage of the online tool’s CoreQ Upload.  The upload allows assisted living communities to upload their CoreQ data and compare themselves to their peers. 

​DISCLAIMER: The AHCA/NCAL quality programs’ contents, including their goals and standards, represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards or expected norms for skilled nursing and/or assisted living providers. As always, the provider is responsible for making clinical decisions and providing care that is best for each individual person.​