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NCAL Quality Initiative Recognition Program


The NCAL Quality Initiative Recognition Program is designed to recognize member assisted living communities that demonstrate the attainment of one or more of the four NCAL Quality Initiative goals:

Learn more about specific eligibility requirements.


Achiever Structure and Recognition

The more goals an assisted living community meets, the more recognition it receives:
  • Tier 1 = communities that achieve one goal
  • Tier 2 = communities that achieve two goals
  • Tier 3 = communities that achieve three goals
  • Tier 4 = communities that achieve four goals  

Those assisted living communities identified for the Quality Initiative Recognition Program will be honored at a special ceremony at the 2020 AHCA/NCAL Quality Summit. ​​​​​


AHCA Quality Initiative Recognition Program

Skilled nursing members, please visit this website for more information about program eligibility and submission requirements.​​​



 How to Participate


​Member assisted living communities must submit their data on the Quality Initiative goals via AHCA/NCAL's quality and performance solution, LTC Trend Tracker.

Deadline to Submit: November 21, 2019

LTC Trend Tracker is an online resource for assisted living and skilled nursing members to track their metrics on key, quality measures - including the Quality Initiative goals. 


See how your assisted living community is currently doing on the Quality Initiative goals:

  1. Download the most recent quarter’s “Your AL Top-Line” publication by following these steps.
  2. Customize your LTC Trend Tracker dashboard to display your AL Quality Measures, to automatically see your progress each time you log in. Learn how with our how-to document or training video.

Visit the LTC Trend Tracker Resource Center for additional tips and tricks on how to upload your data. Questions? Email


​DISCLAIMER: The AHCA/NCAL quality programs’ contents, including their goals and standards, represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards or expected norms for skilled nursing and/or assisted living providers. As always, the provider is responsible for making clinical decisions and providing care that is best for each individual person.