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Hawaiian Music to Energize People

No Hawaiian party is complete without music to create the right atmosphere. Luau party CD's are easy to find. Or you can just stream Hawaiian radio. Try not to play too many unrecognizable theme songs, especially not back to back. 

  • Ukulele music
  • Jimmy Buffet
  • The Beach Boys
  • Elvis
  • Don Ho
  • Other island/beach music
  • "Blue Hawaii"
  • "Wipeout"
  • "The Tide Is High"
  • "Day-o"
  • "Coconut"
  • "Gilligan's Island Theme"

Mix in a variety of upbeat music that would sound like something heard at a beach party. You want your guests dancing and having fun.

Dancing Hawaiian Style

Hula dancing has been a longstanding tradition at Hawaiian luaus. Have a few hula skirts for guests who want to dance (you might have to encourage them).  

Include hula hoops as dancing!  Give prizes to the best hula hoopers, such as who can keep it spinning the longest. 

Other dancing ideas include:

  • Have someone teach the hula dance. 
  • Do the limbo. It is a great beach party game (though not Hawaiian). Give prizes for whoever can do the lowest limbo bar. 
  • Play tiki torch ring toss. Stick unlit mini tiki torches to the floor, then throw rings at them (rings can be made by cutting out the center of paper plates).