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Living the Aloha Spirit is …

Being Patient, Kind, Respectful, Compassionate  

“Living the Aloha Spirit” is the theme for National Nursing Home Week® (NNHW), May 11-17, 2014. 

To Hawaiians, the word “aloha” has a deeper significance than just a fond farewell. By Living the Aloha Spirit, we show others love and respect and joyfully share life in order to create a better world. Key attributes of the “Aloha Spirit” include patience, kindnes s and good feelings and respect in caring about others. Embracing Aloha-Centeredness will cast a warm glow throughout your center and community.  

The goal in long term and post-acute skilled nursing care centers is always Person-Centered Team Care in a harmonious, caring environment. This is “Living the Aloha Spirit!”

For NNHW 2014, we urge every nursing care center to live the “Aloha Spirit.”  Promote messages throughout the week that demonstrate the qualities of: Patience, Kindness, Harmony and Good Feelings in Caring and Respect for Others. 

So put on your grass skirt and tiki mask, string tiki lights and have a fabulous Hawaiian week. To begin this journey, welcome guests with a warm "Aloha" and a colorful “lei.” Next, hang several NNHW-themed posters in your foyer to wish all who enter, reside or work there “Aloha!” (Welcome and Love).

All about Hawaii CultureiStock Aerial view.jpg

Sandy beaches, blue-sky waters, and palm tree-lined shores, amazing volcanoes, and glorious sunsets are some of the things that probably come to mind when you think of Hawaii. But a beautiful natural environment is not all there is to enjoy in this earth-bound paradise, as this group of islands is also home to people with a rich and diverse culture. The culture and tradition of Hawaii are actually reflections of the land's innate beauty. The graceful Hawaiian dances, the meaningful and religious songs, and the various interesting art forms seem to be created with only one purpose, and that is to serve as instruments through which the beauty and the mystery of Hawaii is expressed. Read more at​.