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 Bring on the Fiesta!

​​Imagine an event that brings the long-term care (LTC) COMMUNITY, of residents, rehab patients, families and care center staff together for a week-long celebration in 2015. Think of the event as a festival or a party. 
In fact, let’s plan on a bash in May and call it “Bring on the Fiesta!” Think how much fun that could be, which is precisely what the American Health Care Association (AHCA) did. We’ve themed National Nursing Home Week (NNHW), May 10 to 16, 2015, as “Bring on the Fiesta!” and call on everyone who is part of the LTC circle of caring to strut their stuff this week. Make it a week of entertaining and educating folks and attracting new guests.

For NNHW 2015’s Fiesta!, we hope you show how “Familia, Vida and Amor” (family, life, love) are alive and well and thrives at your care center, irrespective of anyone’s age or physical or intellectual ability. 

Try to weave into your Fiesta! a celebration of cultures, and how various people do a fiesta, though our focus is decidedly “South of the Border.” 

This is an opportunity to bring in new guests and you can help all visitors better appreciate that life in a care center seeks a personal touch, closely connected. Match residents and visitors as dance partners or teammates in a game. Families and other visitors might not realize how important “touch” is, as in hugs ‘n kisses, holding hands, or even shoulder and foot rubs. So educate them already! 

Speak the language of Familia, Vida, and Amor (family, life, love). Encourage visitors to make time with loved ones a social event; to step out of the fast lane by putting aside the Smartphone, and impersonal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts. (However, many residents actively use today’s technology too). 

So, BRING ON THE FIESTA! Let the “Familia, Vida, Amor” shine through your events like a beacon. Give residents and patients the chance to enjoy the crowds, the activities, and the comradery. 

Fill everyone up with family and friends, and life and love!