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Caring for Our Caregivers, an initiative first developed by the leadership of the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) in 2004 is now a joint endeavor between NCAL and the American Health Care Association. 

There is significant research showing that satisfied and happy staff contributes to greater quality of life of the residents in our communities and provide better quality of care. Additionally, with a greater satisfied and committed staff, providers see increased retention rates, fewer accidents and injuries to its workforce, all of which contribute to better overall performance of the community.

This Web-based resource to assist providers in retaining its greatest asset, their caregiving staff, contains links to research and resources that long term care providers may use in setting up better processes and programs to increase retention in their workforce. Caring for Our Caregivers provides access to practices of excellence and organizations that focus on workforce issues and enhancing the workforce environment.


 Reward and Recognition (view all)

A PowerPoint presentation by B & F Consulting that discusses the importance of staff stability including financial, clinical improvement, employee morale, customer satisfaction, occupancy and revenue, and culture change.

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 Employee Satisfaction (view all)

This study examines the relationship between resident satisfaction and staff perceptions of the work environment in assisted living. Staff perceptions were assessed at the facility level, using aggregate measures of staff job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and views of organizational culture.

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 Recruitment (view all)

Genworth helps millions of people around the world achieve their dreams—of homeownership, financial independence, a comfortable retirement and protection for their loved ones.

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