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Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)---Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults
“Identifying Vulnerable Older Adults and Legal Options for Increasing Their Protection During All-Hazards Emergencies: A Cross-Sector Guide for States and Communities”  or
The guide aims to equip public health officials, the aging services network, emergency management, and essential partners from other sectors and at all jurisdictional levels with critical information, strategies, and resources to improve the planning for and protection of vulnerable community-dwelling older adults during all-hazards public health emergencies. The guide covers topic areas such as developing plans, partnering and collaboration, using data for action, building registries, using law-based solutions, sheltering, and caregiver preparedness.  
“Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults” Web Portal:  
The portal provides links to information, tools, and resources to assist in multi-sector planning for older adults in all-hazard emergencies. Specifically, the portal  includes information and tools that target: developing plans, collecting and using data, building, maintaining and using registries, conducting training and exercises, using law-based solutions, preparing older adults and caregivers and also sheltering older adults.  I have provided additional highlights below and also useful links for both resources as well. 
“Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults” Legal Information:
The federal legal framework for all-hazards emergency preparedness and response includes laws, regulations, and executive orders. State legislatures also enact statutes and authorize regulations which create and empower state public health departments, emergency management, and other public safety agencies to plan for all-hazard emergencies.  The selected authorities listed on the site provide a brief overview of some of the laws that may apply to older adults, public health, and preparedness and response activities. Individual organizations and entities
CMS General Healthcare Provider Guidance
Emergency Preparedness Checklist-Recommended Tool for Effective Health Care Facility Planning, this is a  CMS Recommended check list to ensure the emergency plan has the needed information.
Health Care Provider Voluntary After Action Report/Improvement Plan Template and Instructions.  This is a tool to use after an emergency during your after action meetings with your team. 
Emergency Preparedness Checklist-Recommended Tool for Persons in LTC Facilities & Their Family Members, Friends, Personal Caregivers, Guardians & Long-Term Care Ombudsmen. This is a resource for families and ombudsman.

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