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Media Resources

Background, Regulatory, Statistical

NCAL State Assisted Living Regulatory Review 2013
This annual report contains summaries of assisted living regulations in 50 states and the District of Columbia across 21 categories. It includes the contact information for state agencies that oversee assisted living, which is regulated primarily at the state level.

Media: To obtain a printed copy, contact Rachel Reeves at (202) 898-2803.
Consumers: To order a copy, contact Martece Yates at (202)898-2855.

Assisted Living Resident Profile
This profile details the age groups of residents, the percentage of men and women in assisted living residences, the typical resident, and what activities they need help with. 

In addition, reporters can find out the where residents lived prior to moving into an assisted living residence, the average length of stay, and where residents move to after a resident leaves an assisted living residence. (NCHS Data Brief No. 91)

Assisted Living Community​ Profile
This profile provides the number of assisted living residences in the U.S. and the national estimated number of people living in assisted living settings. (NCHS Data Brief No. 78​)

In addition, the profile provides the average number of units in a residence, the average monthly fees, the apartment sizes and the types of services typically provided. In addition, statistics of assisted living with fire sprinklers and smoke detectors. 

2009 Overview of Assisted Living2009 Overview of Assisted Living
The 2009 Overview is a national study on assisted living that provides core statistical data on the assisted living business such as property characteristics, resident profile, payment configurations, services and amenities. Five national organizations pooled their resources to create this significant survey that provides profiles on operations, buildings, and residents.

Media Note: Copies are available free-of-charge for the media. Contact Rachel Reeves at (202) 898-2803.

Consumer Resources
Reporters are welcome to copy the text on the consumer resources page with attribution, especially the ordering information, and web links on this page for stories or web sites. To read brochures’ contents, click on the graphics. Reading brochure content can provide reporters with insights into the issues involved with the topics listed below. NCAL can also help reporters arrange interviews with NCAL staff. ​​​​