LTC Trend Tracker℠

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​LTC Trend Trackersm is a web-based tool that enables long term and post-acute care providers, including assisted living, to access key information that can help their organization succeed. This exclusive benefit for AHCA/NCAL members, allows skilled nursing and assisted living organizations to benchmark personal metrics to those of their peers and examine ongoing quality improvement efforts. LTC Trend Tracker is AHCA/NCAL members’ one-stop-shop to gain timely information and valuable insight about their own performance as well as that of the entire profession​. 


 Behold the Power of Information

With just a few clicks of a button, LTC Trend Tracker gives you access to government data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on skilled nursing centers – providing you with one central hub for all your reporting needs. For assisted living members, LTC Trend Tracker allows you to upload and track key quality metrics. Use the Dashboard to quickly see how you are trending on key metrics compared to your peers. Quickly download reports to share and engage staff members as well as area providers to build partnerships.

 Take Advantage of Your Membership

More than 8,000 skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities have signed up to use LTC Trend Tracker – at no additional cost to their orga​nization.

You must be an AHCA/NCAL member to access this valuable resource. If you’re not a member of AHCA/NCAL, learn how to join.

 Enhance Your Commitment to Quality

Improving quality care is a journey, and LTC Trend Tracker is the tool you need to ensure your organization stays on track. Monitor your progress on quality measures, Five-Star, AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative goals, hospital readmission rates and more. Identify areas your organization should address in order to improve and set your own performance targets. Demonstrate your dedication to quality to your patients and residents with verifiable results.

 Gain a Competitive Edge

Monitoring only your own performance isn’t enough to stay relevant in today’s long term and post-acute care market. LTC Trend Tracker provides information on fellow providers from a local, regional and national perspective, so you can see how you measure up (individual organization’s information stays private; LTC Trend Tracker only reports in the aggregate). Benchmark yourself to those of your peers and keep your organization ahead of the curve.




A "multi-facility" organization is any group (two or more) of facilities under common ownership (registration must be done by the corporate office).


An "individual facility" is any facility that is NOT part of a multi-facility organization (if your organization has two or more facilities please have your corporate office register).

Medicare Provider Number (CCN/FPN) & NCAL ID Look-Up​

​You will need either an NCAL ID or Medicare Provider Number to register or upload data. You can look up this information using your center/community's zip code.
Additionally, please read this guide prior to registering.
Register Register LOOK UP MY INFO



​Are you looking to see a snapshot of your data? As soon as you login to LTC Trend Tracker, you can access the Dashboard and see a snapshot of your organization compared to your peers… all on one screen. The Dashboard is a summary of selected reports in the LTC Trend Tracker system. Instantly review how you're trending with Five-Star, AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative goals, survey, post-acute care, and more. LEARN MORE

Have you heard about the SNF VBP Predictor Tool? This tool provides valuable insights about your center's performance for the Skilled Nursing Facility 30-Day All-Cause Readmission Measure (SNFRM), and enables you to plan for future Medicare Part A disbursement based on this performance to quickly establish benchmarks and set targets to guide performance improvement.

Would you like to see your Five Star Quality Measure Data, and learn about resources to improve your rating? The Top-Line is a publication that includes all of this information and more! This publication also has an Assisted Living version that outlines your current progress on Assisted Living Quality Measures, and the NCAL Quality Initiative.

Additional Features:

  • Five Star Quality Measure Predictor Tool
  • Quality Initiative Progress Reports
  • Ability to Save & Schedule Reports
  • Drilldown functionality to assess your individual buildings
  • Download raw data files for personalized trending reports
  • Charts & graphics that outline progress …and so much more!​​​

 Reports & Measures

LTC Trend Trackersm allows you to generate as many reports as you wish. Perhaps you are working on the goals of the Quality Initiative or wanting to demonstrate the value your center provides to external parties. You can generate reports with a variety of data to see how your center measures up and how you compare with other centers in your state. Those reports can then be used to collaborate with your staff and in your marketing outreach, among other ways. 

LTC Trend Tracker not only pulls CMS-reported data into one central location for users but includes exclusive measures for members developed by AHCA/NCAL or partners. 

Data Offered in LTC Trend Tracker:

AHCA Quality Measures:

  • Discharge to Community
  • Hospitalization & Readmission Data
  • QRP Claims & MDS Data
  • Length of Stay

Survey Data:​

  • Complaint Health
  • Life Safety
  • Combined Health
  • Resident
  • Standard Health

Assisted Living Data:

  • AL Quality Measures
  • Turnover & Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction

Five Star:

  • Overall Rating
  • Five Star PBJ Data
  • Health Inspection
  • Quality Measures
  • Staffing

Additional Measures:

  • Cost Report Data
  • Customer Satisfaction (CoreQ)




What is LTC Trend Tracker?
​LTC Trend Trackersm is a web-based, data collection and benchmarking tool owned by the American Health Care Associationn/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) that enables long term and post-acute care providers to access key information that can help their organization succeed.

Why should I participate in LTC Trend Tracker?
​As an AHCA member, LTC Trend Tracker is an exclusive member benefit, included as part of your membership dues. You will have a unique opportunity to compare an expansive list of organizational characteristics (e.g.,  staffing levels, resident characteristics, survey findings, revenue and cost, Medicare patient days, and quality measures) to your peers – all in one central place. This information can be supplied to your administrators, clinicians, and other staff to improve your performance in operations, quality, and resident care.

What does it cost to use LTC Trend Tracker?
If your skilled nursing center is an AHCA member or your assisted living is an NCAL, there is no additional cost. Not a member? Learn how to sign up today.

I’m a registered user, but I can’t seem to login. How can I acquire my username and password?
​Please click on the “forgot password” link on the login page. This will guide you in next steps on how to retrieve your login credentials.

How do I find out the contact for my LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator, and what are their responsibilities?
​The LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator acts as the liaison between their organization, and AHCA Customer Service for LTC Trend Tracker. The LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator is responsible for creating users, setting user permissions, creating sub organizations, and actively updating user access. This individual is the contact for LTC Trend Tracker related inquiries for their organization.

This individual is typically the administrator of a single/independently owned building, or a member of the executive staff of a multi-facility corporation. Please email to have the contact information for this individual.

How long does it take to receive a response from the LTC Trend Tracker Team?
​All LTC Trend Tracker Related Inquiries can take up to 3-5 business days to the high volume of requests.

How do I receive my credentials?
​All credentials are emailed from Please check spam/junk filters, and save as a safe-sender to ensure receipt. If you do not have credentials, please email your LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator to be added into the system.


Do I have to be a member of AHCA/NCAL to participate in LTC Trend Tracker?
Yes. Not a member? Learn how to sign up today.

I think my nursing center/assisted living is a member of AHCA/NCAL, but I’m not sure. How do I check my membership status?
Please check with your State Affiliate on your membership status. ​

What if my nursing centers/assisted living communities in one state are not members of that state affiliate, and my centers that operate in all other states are members of those state affiliates?
The centers that are members of AHCA/NCAL through their membership in a state affiliate are eligible to participate. The centers that are not members of AHCA/NCAL are not eligible to participate.


How can I sign up for LTC Trend Tracker?
Please visit our registration section for information on how sign up for LTC Trend Tracker.

Why does LTC Trend Tracker require my nursing center’s Medicare Provider Number?
The Medicare Provider number is assigned to each skilled nursing care center by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and is unique to each center. It is needed because it allows AHCA to upload data specific to your center into the LTC Trend Tracker database.

I have multiple levels of care on my campus. Do I register as multi-facility?
No, for purposes of LTC Trend Tracker, the definition of multi-facility depends on the number of skilled nursing centers in the ownership group, not the number of levels of care on a campus.

Which address should I use in the registration process?
Please use the address in which the nursing center is certified with Medicare.  This is usually the physical address of the center.

I want to register my nursing center, and I am part of a chain. Can I sign up without the other centers?
When a center belongs to a multi-facility organization, the whole organization must agree to register and participate with LTC Trend Tracker. In addition, the highest-ranking executive must make the decision to register or participate with LTC Trend Tracker. Please contact your center’s administrator or your supervisor for any questions or concerns regarding your organization’s involvement with LTC Trend Tracker. ​

As my nursing center’s administrator, I have the authority to sign and enter into contracts at the center level and the RUGs data is my responsibility. Why can’t I still join LTC Trend Tracker without my company’s authorization?
LTC Trend Tracker is an excellent tool to increase the quality of care for the residents and the operational success of the center. To have success at all levels of the organization, LTC Trend Tracker requires that the highest ranking executive authorize the use of the tool. Therefore, you as the administrator are supported by your owner or corporate office on this endeavor. If the center is a single facility, the authorizer will be the owner or CEO. For a multi-level organization, this will be the highest-level person who has the contracting authority. In addition, LTC Trend Tracker requires that all centers in an ownership/management group use LTC Trend Tracker, so that all centers receive this member benefit.​

I am new to my nursing center/assisted living community, and we are using LTC Trend Tracker. How do I get a password?
​Please contact us to request your password.

As my account’s administrator, to whom should I assign passwords?
You should assign passwords to any user you will be listing with your account. This will depend on each organization’s preference. It is suggested to have passwords for someone at the corporate level, the center’s administrator and DON, and the person assigned to inputting RUGS data.​

How can I train my staff to use LTC Trend Tracker?
Once the organization is approved to use LTC Trend Tracker, you will receive your login and password. In addition, you will receive a welcome email indicating how to set up your users and additional account information. At any time, you may contact customer support for training.

Why does LTC Trend Tracker require my assisted living community to have an NCAL ID?
​The NCAL ID is a number assigned by AHCA/NCAL to assisted living communities and is unique to each community.   It is needed because it allows assisted living members and vendors to upload data specific to your community into the LTC Trend Tracker database.

Where can I find my NCAL ID?
​You can find your NCAL ID here.


​How does LTC Trend Tracker acquire my data to run a report?
LTC Trend Tracker uses data that is collected by CMS, State Survey Agencies, and Cost Reports. During the annual survey, the center is required to submit reports to the State Agencies (these reports are the 802, 671 and 672).  It is important that these reports are submitted accurately to the State, as this data is submitted to CMS and analyzed.  Once AHCA receives the data from CMS, the data is analyzed and transferred into LTC Trend Tracker for your benefit.

RUGs data can be uploaded directly into LTC Trend Tracker by the center.  The RUGs report submission is the responsibility of the center.

What is the difference between the various reports?
CMS Five-Star Ratings: This report allows you to see your center’s star ranking in each of the categories (overall rating, health inspection rating, direct care staffing rating, registered nursing staff rating, and CMS quality measure rating) that CMS uses to determine the overall star rating. This information is updated each month by CMS and uploaded to LTC Trend Tracker.

CMS Five-Star Staffing Report: The Five-Star Staffing Report compares a center’s reported staffing hours to CMS’ expected hours.  The report shows whether a provider can improve its rating by adding nursing hours.  This report does not capture day-to-day case-mix changes that could affect the report’s results. 

CASPER Resident Report: The CASPER Resident Report provides a detailed review of the center’s resident characteristics.  This information is the same information that you provide the state agency on the yearly survey. This data includes ADLs, bowel/bladder status, mobility, skin integrity, special care, advance directives, and vaccination status.

CASPER Survey Data: The CASPER Survey Data Report includes data collected by CMS on Standard Health Survey, Life Safety Code Survey, Complaint Survey and Combination of Standard Health Survey and Compliant.

CASPER Staffing Report: The CASPER Staffing Report provides a synopsis of the center’s reported staffing hours, as reported on the CMS 671 form that is completed at time of the Annual Health Inspection. The information found in this report includes patient per day (PPD) hours for all departments, percentage of full-time, part-time and contract hours.

NH Quality Measures Report: The Nursing Home Quality Measure Report provides a detailed review of resident data that is submitted to CMS on the MDS.  The center/organization can trend and analyze resident characteristics in categories of post-acute care and chronic care.

Cost Report: The Cost Report can be used to analyze financial data in various centers for the previous and prior two fiscal years. This report is generated from the cost report data that the center submits to CMS.  This report, when utilized with the RUGs Report and Quality Measures Report, can give an operator an excellent overview of center and market trends.

Medicare Utilization Report: The Medicare Utilization Report is a comprehensive review of the center’s RUG rates and utilization compared to other organizations. This data is generated at the center level and can be uploaded to LTC Trend Tracker monthly by the center.  This report can assist in trending financial data and assist a center in comparing their RUG levels to their actual costs found in the Cost Report.  A minimum of five centers (of which no more than 85% can be from one organization) are needed in order to create a peer group. 

How often is the data uploaded to LTC Trend Tracker?
  • ​​CMS Five-Star Ratings: Monthly
  • CASPER Data: Quarterly
  • NH Quality Measures: Quarterly
  • Cost Report: Quarterly
  • RUG Data: Monthly—submitted by individual users
  • Assisted Living Quality Measures: Monthly-submitted by individual users
What are the time periods captured in the reports?
  • ​CMS Five-Star Ratings: Monthly
  • CASPER Data: Yearly
  • NH Quality Measures: Quarterly
  • Cost Report: Yearly
  • RUG Data:  Monthly
  • Assisted Living Quality Measures: Monthly, quarterly, 6-month, yearly (chosen by user)
How do I create a report?
​​To learn more about how to build a report, please download AHCA/NCAL’s help guide.

How do I see the information in graph form?
​Once you run your report, click on the on the “MORE…” button to see your information display in graph form. You will only be able to track one metric at a time.
My nursing center has not had the annual survey yet.

Why do I have survey history showing up for this year? 
​Survey history is updated monthly. When comparing survey history, the comparison will be allocated in the following tables titled: Current Survey, First Prior Survey and Two Years Prior. Therefore, your current survey is the most recent survey that is in the LTC Trend Tracker database. You will be comparing your current survey to the recent survey history as selected in the peer group.  

What restrictions are there on specific reports generated by LTC Trend Tracker?
​​The Cost Report, Turnover and RUGs Reports can be restricted by LTC Trend Tracker account administrators. Please contact your account administrator if you cannot access any of these reports.

Which job titles belong in the CNA Category for the Staff Turnover and Retention Upload form?
​CNA is just for CNAS or CMAS. Personal care aides or noncertified aides are not counted.​

Which job titles belong in the RN Category for the Staff Turnover and Retention Upload form?
​The RN category is for RNs providing direct care not in administrative roles​.

"Do we include PRN Staff in the Turnover Upload?"
Unless the majority of the staff in the category are contract staff or PRN staff, only report traditional employment; otherwise, you may include both contract and traditional employment.


What is the dashboard?
​With the LTC Trend Tracker dashboard, you can quickly track and benchmark your organization’s Five Star Rating, as well as quality and financial trends on one screen. On the dashboard, you will see benchmark data that compares your data to your peer data. Trend data will be available when running a report. Learn more with our Dashboard Help Document

Can someone see my center’s data or be able to identify my center?
​No, individual skilled nursing center/assisted living community or organizational-level data cannot be identified. Information submitted by the provider organizations is only visible to that provider organization. Information from public sources can be identifiable. 

How will access to a participant’s information be controlled?
​​Access is controlled by the account administrator.

Why do I have to submit my RUG data?
​This data is center-specific and has to be generated at the center level. There is a template spreadsheet for uploading the monthly data. Access the RUG Help Document to learn how to upload your RUG data.

In my building we set up a RUG level for all Medicare residents including Managed Care, HMOS and Part C residents. Do I submit those RUG rates?
​No. LTC Trend Tracker can only calculate the Medicare Part A residents that require a submission of an MDS to the federal government for reimbursement. Therefore, if you receive your Medicare payment from a third party insurance company, you will not track that information for LTC Trend Tracker purposes.

How will AHCA/NCAL use the databases generated by the LTC Trend Tracker?
The databases may be used as part of its policy analysis and development process, and in aggregate form, as part of its advocacy efforts to assess the adequacy of current policy and the impact of proposed regulatory and payment system proposals. The information may not be used by AHCA/NCAL’s developer Synaptitude for any purpose other than LTC Trend Tracker, unless authorized by the participating organization.

How do I upload RUGs data?
​RUGs data upload permissions need to be set by your LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator. Once these permissions are set, you will see the “RUGs Upload” option listed in your left hand black toolbar. Please reference the RUGs upload help document, located in the resource center for more information on this process.

"I do not see the black tool bar on the left, and my screen looks distorted."
​Please note, we are experiencing some issues with Internet Explorer, and some of our pages for the system are looking a little disjointed or missing information. This may not be the case with your machine, however if this is the case please use another internet browser. If you do not have access to another server (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.), please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click on the "Tools" menu in Internet Explorer, and select "F12 Developer Tools"
  2. In the "Developer Tools" pane that appears, find the "Browser mode" menu, and select "Internet Explorer 9".
  3. In the "Developer Tools" pane that appears, find the "Document mode" menu, and select "Internet Explorer 9 standard (Page default)".
If this does not solve your issue, please let us know by sending a screenshot of your view to

How do I change the name of my center?
All name changes must be completed at the CMS level. AHCA does not manipulate center names or physical addresses.

"I reset my password, but my new password is not working!"
​Please email so that we may manually update your profile. Your new credentials will then be sent from​

"I received my credentials from, but they are still not working?"
​If you receive an error message, after logging in with credentials received from, this means your LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator has not completed your setup. Please contact your LTC Trend Tracker Account Administrator to complete your setup. Once completed your access will be granted.

I am getting an error message in my Staff Turnover and Retention Upload screen for a missing Medicare Provider Number. What do I do?
​All centers and communities must have a Medicare Provider Number or NCAL ID in order to have a successful Turnover data upload. If the center or community does not have this data, this center or community cannot be included in your upload file. If you do not know these numbers, please visit our NCAL ID & Medicare Provider Number lookup function after clicking, "REGISTER" on the homepage.