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  • ICYMI: Democrat Lawmaker Opposition Of Federal Staffing Mandate For Nursing Homes Is Growing
    The federal staffing mandate for nursing homes proposed by the Biden Administration is facing mounting opposition from prominent Democratic voices.
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  • ICYMI: AHCA/NCAL and National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses Lead Joint Comment Letter Requesting CMS Withdraw Federal Staffing Mandate
    Comment Letter Underscores Mandate’s Flawed Approach, As Licensed Practical Nurses Fail To Be Recognized As Nurses
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  • What They Are Saying: Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, U.S. Small Business Administration Among Latest Voices To Express Concern Over Staffing Mandate
    Growing Bipartisan Opposition Illustrates How Federal & State Leaders Are Putting Policy Over Politics
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  • AHCA/NCAL Urges The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services To Rescind Federal Staffing Mandate In Final Comments To The Agency
    AHCA/NCAL submitted their final comments today to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on the proposed federal staffing mandate for nursing homes.
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  • Navigating OSHA Recordkeeping: Introduction, Insights, and NEW Regulation
    Within long term care, where meticulous recording and documentation are routine practices, the analysis of both resident and employee events takes a central role.
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  • CMS Publishes CY 2025 Medicare Advantage Proposed Rule
    CMS recently published its contract year 2025 Medicare Advantage and Part D proposed rule.
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  • Become Proficient at Completing Your Facility Assessment
    Facility assessments are mentioned more than 100 times in the CMS State Operations Manual and F838 – Facility Assessment – specifically outlines facility assessment requirements.
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  • Guidance for Federal Monitoring Surveys Released





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