National Skilled Nursing Care Week

​​​​​​​​"Creating and Nurturing Connections" Announced as Next Year's Theme for National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW)

As human beings we have a natural yearning to connect. Studies have linked people with strong social relationships to many aspects of positive health outcomes, especially among older adults. 

Skilled nursing care centers and their staff provide an incredible and steadfast commitment to a high-level of care and quality of life for their residents. This has never been more evident than the last two years during the pandemic. In addition to protecting and caring for their residents around the clock during a time of limited visitation and social distancing, staff stepped in and served ​as family members and friends to ensure that residents had the essential social connections they needed.

The 2022 theme for NSNCW, held, May 8-14, will celebrate the essential role that skilled nursing care centers and staff play in Creating and Nurturing Connections for their residents.

Check back in late February for the NSNCW 2022 Planning Guide & Products Catalog.​​​​

About National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967, National Skilled Nursing Care Week® (NSNCW) recognizes the essential role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s frail, elderly, and disabled. The week starts each year on Mother’s Day and is celebrated through the following Saturday.

NSNCW is a time to recognize residents, their special relationships with staff, and the family members that all make up your unique and wonderful communities. To help you celebrate, AHCA provides a theme each year along with graphics, suggested activities, and specially designed products around this theme. In the weeks leading up to NSNCW, centers are encouraged to plan special events for staff, residents and families. During the week, we encourage you to share your NSCNW activity ideas, photos, videos, and messages via Facebook and Twitter using #NSNCW.

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