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AHCA/NCAL Board Elections

Each year AHCA and NCAL members in good standing can submit an application for the elections for the AHCA Board of Governors and the NCAL Board of Directors.  Both AHCA and NCAL elections will take place at the annual convention in Las Vegas, NV from October 16 - 19, 2017. 

The following AHCA Board positions will be elected:

  • AHCA Chair
  • AHCA Vice Chair
  • AHCA Secretary/Treasurer (one position)
  • Independent Owner Representative
  • Regional Multifacility Representative
  • Two At-large Representatives
The following NCAL Board positions will be elected:
  • NCAL Chair
  • NCAL Vice Chair
  • NCAL Secretary/Treasurer (one position)
  • Seven At-large Representatives

AHCA Board of Governors and NCAL Board of Directors Candidate Application Materials for Elections
  1. AHCA/NCAL Board Application​
  2. General Information and Requirements for All Candidates
  3. Guidelines for Completion of the AHCA/NCAL Board Application Process
  4. Candidate Request for Reconsideration
  5. Rules Governing the Distribution of Campaign Materials​

AHCA/NCAL  Governance and Election Information

  1. AHCA/NCAL Philosophy of Association Leadership
  2. AHCA Duties of Officers and Members of the Board of Governors
  3. AHCA Council of States’ Rules Governing the Organization and Conduct of Business 
  4. AHCA Council of States’ Rules Governing the Conduct of Nominations and Elections