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Education and Agenda


 Monday, December 9

1:30 PM–2:15 PM

​Opening Keynote Address
Thriving in a World That Doesn’t Exist
Speaker: Dan Mendelson, Founder, Avalere Health and Operationg Partner, Welsh Carson


2:15 PM–2:45 PM

Expanding Role of LTC/PAC Providers in PHM
Speakers: Mike Cheek, Senior Vice President, Reimbursement Policy, AHCA; Jill Sumner, Vice President, Population Health Management, AHCA

3:00 PM–4:30 PM
Breakout Sessions  ...more information

These education sessions also serve as ice breakers for the structured social networking events following the breakout sessions. Attendees, please choose one session for this time block.​

  1. Positioning Yourself for Plan/Provider Partnerships 
  2. Supplemental Benefits Options and Opportunities 
  3. Achieving Care Model Transparency and Integration 
4:45 PM–5:30 PM

Structured Networking Sessions​ ... more information

Attendees, please choose one session for the structured social networking sessions.
  1. Social Determinants of Health: Next Generation Services
  2. Provider Owned Special Needs Plans and Partners 
  3. Legal Implications of PAC/LTC Provider Led Population Health Management Models 
  4. Emerging Models in PAC/LTC ​

5:30 PM–6:30 PM



 Tuesday, December 10

8:00 AM–8:45 AM


9:00 AM–10:30 AM
Breakout Sessions  ...more information​

Attendees, please choose one session for this time block.

  1. Nut and Bolts of SNP Development
  2. Senior Housing and Social Determinants of Health
  3. Medicare Advantage Plan/Provider Compliance​ 
11:15 AM–12:00 PM

​Discussion Panel​

12:00 PM–12:30 PM

​Networking & Break​

12:30 PM–1:30 PM


1:30 PM–2:45 PM
Breakout Sessions​ ...more information​

​Attendees, please choose one session for this time block.

  1. Navigating the CMS SNP Bid Submission Process 
  2. Relationships with Medicaid Managed Care: Bane or Opportunity? 
  3. ACO partnerships​

3:00 PM–4:00 PM

Closing Keynote
CMS Panel - Outlook and CMS View
Speaker: Heather Barkes; Amu Bassano; Tim Englehardt; Lance Roberts