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Lyn Bentley
Senior Director,
Regulatory Services


Elder Justice Act

The purpose of the Elder Justice Act (EJA) is to detect, prevent and prosecute ACA_EJA CROPPED.png
elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The EJA is designed to address crimes committed against older persons, raise national awareness of elder justice issues, and apply resources to the effort
s of those confronting elder abuse and neglect on the front lines in healthcare settings. The EJA adds numerous new “elder justice” provisions and specific long term care provider requirements by amending various sections in several titles of the Social Security Act (SSA). ​​​​




The EJA requires that any reasonable suspicion of a “crime” (as defined by the law of the applicable political subdivision) that results in “serious bodily injury” to any individual who is a resident of, or who receives care from, a federally-funded residential care provider that arranges for or directly provides that care be reported within two (2) hours to the Secretary and to one or more local law enforcement entities.  These requirements became effective March 23, 2010. 

Read more about the EJA in this CMS summary 


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