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 Twitter Chat on 9/27


AHCA is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Immunization Action Coalition to host a Twitter chat on seniors and flu season on Friday, September 27th at 2:00pm EDT.

The Twitter chat is a great opportunity to learn about how seniors can stay safe during flu season and tips for health care workers.

Anyone can participate in the chat by tweeting their comments and questions using the hashtag, #seniorflu.

To learn more about the CDC's influenza resources, visit

To learn more about the Immunization Action Coalition's influenza resources, visit




​The Twitter Chat on 9/27 is a great opportunity to get your questions about seniors and the flu answered. In addition participant questions, these questions will also be answered: 

Q1) In a long term care facility, what are some tips to reduce or prevent transmission between staff, residents and outside visit​ors?

Q2) What is the most common way for an older person to get the flu?

Q3) What health conditions are seniors at risk for when they have the flu?

Q4) We all know the importance of getting a flu shot, is there any other way that seniors can prevent themselves from getting the flu?

Q5) If I am a senior and I live alone, where can I find more information about the flu?

Q6) If I am a senior, where do I get a flu shot?

Q7) What vaccine resources exist for health care workers?

Q8) Does the high dose vaccine, for individuals 65 years or older, provide better protection?​