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 Find a State Veterans Home

​AHCA represents a number of providers caring for our nation's veterans. To see a full list of state veterans homes, check out this interactive map. More >>​



​Dana Halvorson
Director, Not for Profit & Constituent Services




AHCA/NCAL is proud to represent a number of state veterans homes (SVHs), as well as countless civilian facilities nationwide that serve veterans as their residents.

News items related to SVHs, as they are not for profits (NFPs), are included in NFP News, an AHCA e-newsletter publication.​​​​​​​​​​​​​




Helping our Nation's Veterans Returning Home find LTC jobs

AHCA is currently seeking information about facilities that offer veterans programs or specifically hire veterans for positions (such as nursing, administrative, maintenance, dietary, etc.) in the LTC field. Facilities that do offer such programs and hiring opportunities will be featured on the veterans section of the AHCA website, which will be open for veterans to use as a job search resource. If your facility is interested in participating, please contact AHCA’s Not for Profit and Constituent Services Director, Dana Halvorson (, directly with the facility’s name, address, and additional contact information to be posted on our veterans page.

President’s 2014 Budget Request

On April 10, 2013, President Obama released his FY 2014 budget request.  By law, the President is supposed to send the budget to Congress no later than the first Monday in February.  However, the Administration delayed the release of the FY 2104 budget because of the uncertainty surrounding the final FY 2013 spending bills and the impact of sequestration.  The Budget Message of the President, information on the President’s priorities, budget overviews organized by agency (including the Department of Veterans Affairs), and summary tables can be found here.  The VA 2014 Budget request for 2014 is $152.7 billion.  This includes $66.5 billion in discretionary resources and $86.1 billion in mandatory funding.  AHCA/NCAL issued a statement from President and CEO Mark Parkinson in response to the President’s FY 2014 budget proposal. 

AHCA Comments on VA Proposed Rule on Provider Agreements

The proposed rule, the Use of Medicare Procedures To Enter Into Provider Agreements for Extended Care Services, was published in the Federal Register in February 2013.  This proposed rule would amend the medical regulations of the VA Department to allow the VA to use Medicare or State procedures to enter into provider agreements to obtain extended care services from non-VA providers.  The VA would be able to obtain extended care services for veterans from providers who are closer to veterans’ homes and communities.

The VA worked closely with AHCA throughout the years on this, and AHCA submitted a letter in support of the proposed rule in March 2013.  The feedback received from AHCA members was incorporated into the letter. ​   

Congressional Visit 2.JPG 
AHCA NFP Council member, Van Moore, and his team from the Oregon Veterans’ Home meeting with Representative Earl Blumenauer (Oregon) on issues, including Medicare and Medicaid, impacting the veterans community.