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Programs and Awards >> 2010 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2010 NCAL Award Winners!

The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is proud to announce the 2010 recipients of the Administrator of the Year, the Assisted Living Nurse of the Year, Noble Caregiver in Assisted Living, and the National Assisted Living Week Programming Awards. These winners represent the best in the nation in the assisted living profession.

As director, Sue Brown has provided strong leadership and great communication skills to staff that has resulted in a high level of quality care provided to residents.

Marybeth Sondergaard provides her staff with specific expectations about their performance and interactions with residents. She balances her job intensity with a love for her team, often treating the team members like family members.

Benjamin Sheard, Jr. works tirelessly to maintain the building’s services and appearance to company standards and was highly praised during the latest state survey. Sheard is often found accompanying and helping staff on resident fieldtrips, organizing events such as Superbowl parties for the male residents, and chatting amicably with everyone in the building. He brightens everyone’s day.

Michelle Ten Napel successfully incorporated the 2009 National Assisted Living Week theme “Traditions of the Heart” into all of the events and activities surrounding the celebration. The goal was to bring the larger community into Park Place Estates and to remind residents that they are also active members of the community. One activity was a Chamber of Commerce coffee event, which was attended by 90 people.