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The curriculum includes everything the instructor needs to prepare and teach the course.

How To Be a Nurse Assistant, 7th edition

Celebrating 30 years of renowned nurse assistant training, the 7th edition of How to Be a Nurse Assistant, Training Solutions for Quality Care continues a tradition of excellence with a unique, patient-centered approach that produces the best-trained CNAs available in the field. The latest revisions include: 

  • All the regulations and requirements needed to pass the certification exam
  • New illustrations
  • Streamlined content in easily digestible chapters
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step procedures
  • Glossary of medical terms and Spanish/English dictionary


Used by training programs all over the country, How to Be a Nurse Assistant has full-color photos and illustrations that clearly demonstrate and teach the work of a CNA, fully preparing students for CNA certification. It is comprehensive yet easy to read. Topics covered: 

  • Long term, sub-acute, and post-acute care
  • Applications of OBRA
  • Step-by-step procedures and critical finishing steps
  • Prevention and control of infection
  • Specific methods and procedures for giving the best quality care, including positioning and moving a patient, assisting with nutrition, maintaining and improving skin integrity, dealing with emergencies, pain management, and end of life care
  • How to enhance the quality of life of your patients
  • How to communicate and interact effectively with patients and co-workers
  • Preparing for the certification exam, including quizzes, practice exams, and other study tools
  • How to enjoy a successful career as a certified nurse assistant

The curriculum is made up of the following four items: 

  • Printed Student Textbook
  • Printed Student Workbook
  • Instructor’s website,, which takes the place of the 6th edition Instructor’s Manual
  • Training DVD



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Printed Student Textbook

Product #8461

AHCA Members: $45.95

Non-members: $59.95 

View or download the Author’s Bio

View or download the complete Table of Contents


Printed Student Workbook 

Product #8461-W

AHCA Members: $15.95

Non-members: $19.95 

The new printed Student Workbook provides tools and strategies to help students practice and prepare for the certification exam. 

It includes: 

  • Practice Exams
  • Chapter quizzes and activities
  • Skills checklists

The Student Workbook is designed to appeal to a variety of individual learning styles. Activity formats include crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, matching, multiple choice, true or false, and more. The Answer Key for all the Workbook activities, quizzes, and practice exams can be found on the instructor website which has lots of tools and resources to help the instructor teach a successful training course.

Takes the place of the 6th edition Instructor’s Manual 

Product #8463

AHCA Members: $190.95

Non-members: $248.95 

This subscription includes everything you need to run a successful training course.  

  • More than 75 competency checklists
  • Sample practice exam, quizzes, and answers
  • Teaching tools and resources
  • Lesson plans and course calendars
  • Curriculum guides and crosswalks
  • Course and Clinical evaluation forms
  • State-specific requirements and information 

Accessible from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, allows you a whole new way of teaching your students. The subscription lasts for the life of the 7thedition.


Training DVD

Product #8464

AHCA Members: $29.95

Non-members: $39.95 

The 7th edition Skills DVD for How To Be a Nurse Assistant clearly demonstrates key skills and procedures that nurse assistant students need to know to pass their certification exams. It shows what CNAs do and how they do it, with real CNAs and patients demonstrating common preparation steps, how to perform specific skills, and common completion steps. 

Skills covered: 

  • Handwashing
  • Making an occupied bed
  • Moving up in bed when your resident is unable to help
  • Turning a resident from supine to side lying for personal care
  • The stand pivot transfer
  • Moving your resident with a mechanical lift
  • Denture care
  • Shaving your male resident
  • Care of fingernails
  • Assisting your resident with meals
  • Feeding your resident
  • Assisting with walking



Printed Student Combo Pack

Product #8466-P

AHCA Members: $54.95

Non-members: $64.95 

This combo pack includes the student textbook and the student workbook. 


Instructor’s Kit

Product Code #8465

AHCA Members: $220.95

Non-members: $279.95 

The Instructor’s Kit includes, the printed Student Textbook, and the Training DVD.


Training Library

Product #8467

AHCA Members: $700.00

Non-members: $850.00 

This training library includes 10 printed Textbooks, 10 printed Student Workbooks, a subscription to, the Training DVD, 10 Nursing Assistant Survival Guides, 10 CNA certificates, and 10 CNA pins.


Sold Separately:


Product #4689

Price: $4.50


CNA Certificate

Product #8468

Price: $5.95


Nursing Assistant Survival Guide

Product #6194

Price: $23.95


This illustrated guide offers your CNAs step-by-step information about how to handle challenges that so often lead to burnout and turnover. 112 pages.