Candidate Reconsideration

​​The AHCA Constitution and Bylaws call for the Credentialing Committee to set forth the nomination process for candidates seeking appointment to AHCA’s Board of Governors.  In addition, the AHCA Credentialing Committee also plays a role in the NCAL election process by conducting the certification process for all NCAL candidates at NCAL’s request.  As part of the nomination process, the Committee has determined that any potential candidate for office who has been denied certification by the Committee upon initial review shall have the opportunity to appeal the Committee’s decision.  The process for reconsideration is as follows:

  1. Candidate Notification of Non-certification:
    Each individual submitting an application to the Credentialing Committee for candidacy in the AHCA Board of Governors elections or the NCAL Board of Directors elections will be notified in writing via email as to their eligibility and certification status.  This notification will specify with particularity those findings of the Committee that resulted in the Candidate not being certified for the election. 

  2. Reconsideration Request Submission:
    Any candidate not-certified for election may submit his/her reconsideration request to the Credentialing Committee. The request should address (justify/refute) only those specific findings of the Committee that caused the candidate to be denied certification.  All requests must be electronically submitted to the Credentialing Committee via Christy Herle.

  3. Reconsideration Findings: 
    A different team of Credentialing Committee reviewers (than initially reviewed the candidate’s application) will be assigned to review the reconsideration request.

  4. Candidate Notification of Status:
    Upon reviewing a candidate’s appeal, the Credentialing Committee will notify the candidate in writing via email of its final finding.  Only certified candidates will be placed on the ballot.

  5. Candidates Nominated from the Floor:
    There will be no opportunity for candidates nominated from the floor to appeal a not certified finding by the Credentialing Committee. However, all candidates nominated from the floor, certified and not certified, will be placed on the ballot, but only certified candidates will have their application information presented to the AHCA Council ofStates, or the NCAL Board of Directors and NCAL State Leaders.