AHCA/NCAL Travel Policies

​ The following guidelines outline procedures for AHCA/NCAL members traveling on behalf of the Association and have been designed to provide quality service to the traveler as well as providing cost savings to the Association.


Egencia is AHCA/NCAL’s preferred travel management system.

Members are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to governance committee meetings. Members have the option of purchasing their tickets through Egencia in order to obtain the lowest applicable economy airfare. Tickets purchased through Egencia will be billed directly to AHCA/NCAL. If a member chooses to make his or her own arrangements, AHCA/NCAL will reimburse the actual cost of the ticket, not to exceed the maximum reimbursement amount designated for each state (see East Coast and West Coast reimbursement map). A receipt for airfare must be submitted in order for the reimbursement to be processed.

Members are encouraged to purchase their tickets at least 21 days prior to the day of travel and purchase the lowest economy airfare. If a member chooses to utilize his or her own travel agency, AHCA/NCAL will not reimburse any transaction fee incurred by the travel agency.

To book tickets on-line through Egencia*:

If you have never created a profile in Egencia, please contact the AHCA/NCAL Meetings Department (meetings@ahca.org) with the name and dates of the committee meeting you plan to attend.

AHCA/NCAL DOES NOT have access to password information- please use the “forgot password” link on the Egencia website to reset your password if needed.

Members may travel by any means desired to an approved AHCA/NCAL meeting (for example - air, car or train). However, the maximum expenditure allowed should not exceed the pre-determined maximum amount designated for each state (see East Coast​ and West Coast reimbursement map) using the following guidelines:

a. Lowest applicable economy coach airfare available within the meeting timeframe noted on the AHCA/NCAL meeting notice. For meetings held in Washington, D.C., travelers are encouraged to check flights into Reagan National Airport (DCA), the closest airport to downtown and AHCA/NCAL offices. Also check flights into Washington Dulles (IAD) and Baltimore Washington (BWI) airports as alternatives. Even with transfer costs from these airports alternative airports, savings can be substantial. For estimates on taxi fares, visit TaxiFareFinder.

b. Reimbursement for any other means of transportation at costs lower than the maximum approved amount will be reimbursed at the amount of the travel. Automobile travel in lieu of commercial carrier cost is reimbursed at 57.5¢ per mile, not to exceed maximum air travel reimbursement amount designated for each state.

 Expense Reimbursement

For each overnight stay, members shall be reimbursed a per diem of $200 (meetings outside Washington, DC) or $225 (meetings inside Washington, DC) which will help defray expenses incurred for housing, meals, incidentals and ground transportation. The per diem does not typically cover 100% of your hotel/ground transportation costs. All expenses over the $200 or $225 (Washington, DC meetings only) per diem will be paid for by the committee member. Exception: The AHCA and NCAL Chair and Vice Chair may be reimbursed actual costs upon submission of appropriate receipts. The number of days of per diem will be authorized (by meeting notice) prior to a meeting. For a member whose trip originates and terminates on the same day, AHCA/NCAL will reimburse you $30 to help defray expenses incurred for ground transportation. If airline schedules necessitate an additional night's lodging, appropriate per diem adjustments will be made upon request.

Per Diems for multiple meetings attended by members on the same day or sequential days will be reimbursed based, not on the per diem allocated by summing meeting notices, but on the actual number of days in attendance by the member (subject to the above guidelines on trips which originate and terminate on the same day). Thus, only one reimbursement voucher for air travel and per diem shall be accepted for attendance at one meeting site regardless of how many meetings are attended at the site.

Reimbursement vouchers will be provided at the committee meetings. Reimbursement vouchers must be submitted to AHCA/NCAL within 60 days following the meeting.


A formal meeting notice or advance notice by the Committee Staff Liaison is required for each meeting.  Telephone conference calls are strongly encouraged in lieu of meetings.

  1. The Council of States shall meet at least one time each year in addition to the meeting held in conjunction with the annual convention. Additional meetings of the Council of States are subject to procedures outlined in the AHCA Constitution and Bylaws. Reimbursement for the one meeting (other than the one held in conjunction with the annual meeting) would apply to the following groups: each primary member (or alternate/designee) of the Council of States and the Board of Governors.
  2. The AHCA Board of Governors shall meet approximately 5 times each year and more frequently if called upon by the Chair.
  3. Committees shall meet at least once each year, and more frequently subject to need.
  4. Workgroups and other member groups shall meet subject to need.
  5. Seminars, symposia, and conferences shall be self-funding, with attendees paying their own expenses.
  6. For the annual convention, the Board of Governors will receive a complimentary registration plus four (4) days per diem and their airfare for attendance at the AHCA/NCAL annual convention according to the airline guidelines stated above.
  7. Only the AHCA Board of Governors Chair, NCAL Board of Directors Chair (or designated representative) shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred while representing AHCA and/or NCAL at affiliate meetings, regional meetings and non-AHCA/NCAL meetings, subject to the above guidelines.


1. If I am traveling on a ticket that has a cancellation penalty and personal business requires me to change the ticket, who is responsible for the added cost?
Answer: The individual traveler. Only changes or cancellation penalties caused by an AHCA/NCAL meeting being changed or canceled are covered by AHCA/NCAL. If bad weather or airline equipment failure results in a change or cancellation, the airlines will normally waive any penalties.

2. If I don't get my ticket through AHCA/NCAL, how much will AHCA/NCAL reimburse me for my airline ticket?
Answer: AHCA/NCAL will reimburse the actual cost of the ticket, not to exceed the maximum reimbursement amount designated for the state the flight originated from. For example, if a member travels from Florida to a meeting in Washington, D.C., the maximum amount that AHCA/NCAL will reimburse the member is $650. If the ticket cost you more, the traveler is responsible for the difference (see East Coast​ and West Coast reimbursement maps).

3. If I stay over a Saturday night, the airfare is much less expensive.  Will AHCA/NCAL provide additional per diem if I decide to arrive early or stay over after the meeting in order to get the reduced airfare?
Answer: If the price of the airfare without a Saturday night stay is greater than the airfare with a Saturday night stay plus the per diem, an extra day per diem will be provided to the traveler.

4. Can I purchase a first class ticket on Egencia?
Answer: No, if you wish to fly first class, then you will need to purchase that ticket on your own.  AHCA/NCAL will only reimburse you for a coach class ticket.

5. What if the 21-day advance ticket price is higher than the maximum reimbursement amount set for my state?
Answer: If you attempt to purchase your ticket at least 21 days in advance and you are unable to find a flight less expensive than the maximum reimbursement set for your state, you should first contact the designated AHCA/NCAL Committee Staff Liaison via e-mail or call AHCA/NCAL at 202-842-4444 to receive approval from the Committee Staff Liaison for the higher priced ticket reimbursement.

7. My spouse/guest is going to fly with me to the meeting. Can I purchase their ticket on Egencia and reimburse AHCA/NCAL?
Answer: No, only authorized committee members are permitted to book their tickets through Egencia.

8. Will AHCA/NCAL reimburse me if I choose to drive to the meeting?
Answer: Yes, if you choose to drive, we will reimburse you 57.5¢ per mile, not to exceed the maximum air travel reimbursement amount designated for each state.

9. How do I get reimbursed for my per diem and/or airfare?
Answer: Travel Reimbursement forms will be distributed at the meeting or can be downloaded here.