HCS Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Study - Participation Open

Assisted Living; Workforce

​Participation is now open for the Assisted Living Salary & Benefits study, published in cooperation with the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), and conducted by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS). Nationally known, the Report is recognized as the standard for reliable and comprehensive compensation data for ALFs, PCFs, and RCFs.

Participants receive a discounted rate on the price of the results. The pre-paid participant price is only $185, versus the $375 nonparticipant rate.

To participate:

  1. Download the questionnaire at: https://www.hhcsinc.com/survey-questionnaires.html 
  2. Confirm your participation by emailing Rosanne Zabka, Director of Reports, RZabka@hhcsinc.com. Include who will be participating in the study so that HCS can watch for your data + follow-up with extensions, etc.
  3. Email your completed questionnaire to Rosanne by November 8th. Should you need additional time to participate, simply email HCS to request an extension.

The results cover management salaries, nonmanagement wages, and fringe benefits. Last year's Report contained data from over 1,370 ALFs nationwide. Salaries and bonus payments will be reported according to unit size, profit type, revenue size, CBSA, state, region, and nationally. The results will be published in January 2022. 

Corp Comp Study

The HCS Corporate Compensation Study is also underway, deadline December 6th. The study covers executive compensation for top executives in long-term care facilities with $20 million+ revenue or those with oversight for multiple ALFs, CCRCs, and/or Nursing Homes. 

The results cover salaries + total compensation nationally by revenue size and include salary increases, pay policies, and executive benefits. Last year's Report contained data from 100+ organizations. There is a tremendous savings for participants; the pre-paid participant price is only $205, compared to the non-participant price of $675. 

HCS publishes ten annual compensation studies. Nationally known, their reports are recognized as the standard for reliable, comprehensive, and affordable compensation data for healthcare.