Public Health Emergency Extension & Implications


The public health emergency (PHE) is issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary in 90-day increments. Effective October 23​, Secretary Azar extended the PHE for another 90 days through January 23, 2021.   

The PHE extension means:  

  • Section 1135 National, Blanket Waiver​ Remains in Place. This waiver includes the telehealth and staffing waivers;  
  • Section 1812(f) Waiver also remains in place.​ This covers the waiver of the 3-Day Stay requirement and the waiver of the Spell of Illness; and 
  • Because of the CARES Act statutory link to the PHE, the Medicaid increased FMAP continues until the end of the quarter in which the PHE ends. Therefore, the increased FMAP will flow to the states until March 2021. More information is available here.  
The PHE issued on October 2 is available to view here