Who’s New in Congress?

AHCA/NCAL Updates; Advocacy

It’s a few weeks post elections and it looks different than expected a year ago. While there are a few races not final, the Senate will most likely stay blue and the House has flipped to red. However, the biggest change to notice is the number of new faces coming to Washington in January. This freshman class has some unique characteristics to note. Currently, it looks like there will be 83 new Members of Congress. Of those, 46 are Republicans and 37 are Democrats. The average age of the new class is 46 years old, which makes it younger than each of the past seven freshman classes. Seventeen of these new members are in their 20s and 30s, one being the first Gen Z elected to Congress, Maxwell Frost (D-FL).  
It should be an exciting start to the year with such a large incoming freshman class. This is a great opportunity for AHCA/NCAL members to contact these new members, get them into your facilities and help them understand the issues you face every day as a provider. Setting up a tour is easy and AHCA/NCAL has resources, including a facility tour invitation template. For additional assistance, reach out to Matt Smyth or Heather Posthumus. Include them in your email invitation and they can help follow up as well.  
As a reminder, AHCA/NCAL will be running important grassroots campaigns soon, and AHCA/NCAL members will be the key to a successful effort. Sign up to become an advocate and receive the association’s Action Alerts. This will keep subscribers informed of the actions AHCA/NCAL will be taking during these important grassroots campaigns. Please contact the Government Relations​ team with any questions or to get involved.