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Fire and Life Safety

​Improving the lives of residents and patients is our members’ number one priority.  Not only does this include providing quality care, but it also accounts for protecting and nourishing each resident. By providing a care center that focuses on safety, efficiency, fire prevention,  and adhering to national and state health codes, our members are treating the whole person, not just their medical needs. The focus of our caregivers can remain on health care, while providing this care in a safe and comfortable environment.  AHCA/NCAL strives to keep members informed of the latest developments in fire and life safety for the best protection of our residents.

 Fire and Life Safety Updates


CMS allows categorical waiver for Power Strips Use in Patient Care Areas:  ​This waiver is available to providers that meet certain requirements of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code.


CMS Proposes Adopting 2012 Life Safety Code

On April 16, 2014 CMS proposed adoption of the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code. AHCA’s Life Safety Committee is reviewing the proposal, and with the assistance of AHCA’s Life Safety Consultant, Hughes Associates, will provide comments by the due date of June 16, 2014.  If members would like their comments considered for inclusion in the AHCA comments, please send them to Lyn Bentley.


 Sprinkler Updates


​All nursing centers must be fully sprinklered by August 13, 2013.

Note: In January 2014, CMS reported to AHCA that there were a few nursing centers in the decertification process due to lack of full sprinklering.


 Nursing Facility Standard Life Safety (KTAG) Reports