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AHCA’s Quality First Focus for 2006-2008

On September 29, 2006, an unprecedented gathering of stakeholders launched the Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes campaign, a voluntary effort that will help focus providers, government, professional and consumer advocates and others on quality care improvement efforts. AHCA encourages providers to participate because it moves them further toward enhancing the quality of care and life for residents, patients and staff.

AHCA anticipates that the benefit of participation will be more efficient use of scarce resources, better risk management, greater staff operational focus, increased staff retention and a robust willingness by customers to recommend the facility to others.

The Advancing Excellence campaign will be the primary focus of Quality First and the NHQI for the next two years. The campaign will provide tangible evidence of and visibility for the quality care in the nursing home setting, and increase public trust and confidence in the long term care community. Participating providers will commit to focus on at least three of the eight measurable goals, with at least one clinical goal and one operational/process goal:

Clinical Goals:

Goal #1: Reducing high risk pressure ulcers;
Goal #2: Reducing the use of daily physical restraints;
Goal #3: Improving pain management for longer term nursing home residents;
Goal #4: Improving pain management for short stay, post-acute nursing home residents;

Operational/Process Goals:

Goal #5: Establishing individual targets for improving quality;
Goal #6: Assessing resident and family satisfaction with the quality of care;
Goal #7: Increasing staff retention; and
Goal #8: Improving consistent assignment of nursing home staff, so that residents regularly receive care from the same caregivers.