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Project Components

 Leadership Excellence 

The Competencies for Leadership Excellence workshop are rolling-out in three phases.

Phase One: Development and Validation (December 2000-July 2001)

In December of 2000, the expert panel convened and began its work to identify and articulate the management and leadership competencies essential to nurse leaders across the settings of skilled nursing, assisted living, and residential services for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled. This intensive process was launched with a two-day meeting and continued through March via electronic communications. Working stepwise through seven agreed upon competency role categories, expert panelists were linked via a series of bi-weekly e-mail communications in which they drafted and refined the competencies.

On March 1st, the draft competencies were completed. To provide a mechanism for validation of the competencies, a survey was developed and mailed to a stratified sample of representatives in assisted living, skilled nursing, and residential care facilities for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled. Results of the survey will be analyzed and will be used as the basis for further refining the competencies.

View a copy of the survey

Phase Two: Assessment Instrument (July - December 2001)

During this phase the competencies were integrated into a formal assessment instrument with corresponding rankings and measures. AHCA has prepared a comprehensive plan for promoting and scheduling training workshops for the assessment system. The workshop curriculum was designed.

Phase Three: Instructor Training & Workshop Availability (January 2002)

In order to understand and effectively use the senior nurse leader self-assessment tool individuals need to receive training. The training is provided via one-day workshops sponsored by organizations that train in the LTC profession. In February 2002, the first six trainers were trained. In March 2002, three pilot workshops were successfully delivered in cooperation with the Nebraska Healthcare Association. In Spring 2002 workshops became available through sponsoring organizations, and are currently being held in different locations throughout the United States.