AHCA Adds Several New Resources to ahcancalED and Survey Preparedness Page

AHCA/NCAL Updates; Programs and Resources

AHCA recently added several new resources to ahcancalED and AHCA's Survey Preparedness page​​. Each of the newly added resources were developed to assist members in areas that have either been identified as focus areas by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), or they have been identified as areas that deficiencies are being given more frequently throughout the nation. A description of each of the resources is listed below.

New Resources on ahcancalED​

Behavioral Health- This two-part webinar covers regulations, definitions, and guidance surrounding Behavioral Health regulations and caring for those with mental disorders or substance use disorders (SUD). The webinar also covers real-life case study examples related to caring for those with mental disorders and SUD. Finally, the first part of the webinar covers how to recognize operational changes needed to meet updated guidance and regulatory requirements. The second portion of the webinar covers, different behavioral health diagnoses, treatment for different diagnoses, how person-centered care is applied, understanding the use of behavioral health contracts, and how to apply F689 (Accidents and Incidents) to SUD.

IDR/IIDR- A sub-group of the Survey Regulatory Committee developed the webinar and toolkit titled Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR). Both the toolkit, and the webinar, were developed to assist facilities in determining if an IDR is an appropriate tool to use after survey where the results need to be disputed, by the facility. Additionally, the webinar assists facilities through the process of completing an IDR and informs learners about areas that may vary based on state processes. The IDR process is not one providers do often so this tool is a helpful aid in completing a task that can sometimes seem confusing and intimidating.  

Discharges- Discharges, Making the Safest Transition for your Residents is a webinar created by AHCA Regulatory staff to assist facility staff in understanding regulations related to planning, preparing, and discharging residents safely. The webinar provides real-life scenarios of difficult discharge situations, and how to stay in compliance when these situations arise.

Abuse, Neglect, and Misappropriation- This three-part webinar reviews regulations related to abuse, neglect, and misappropriation of resident property, how and when to report abuse, how to complete an abuse investigation, and helpful tips for achieving past noncompliance (PNC) for these deficiencies. The webinars also include real life scenarios, how to avoid deficiencies in these scenarios, and tools for achieving PNC.

Schizophrenia Audit and FAQ- Located on ahcancalED is an FAQ related to the recently initiated Schizophrenia Audits being completed by CMS. The FAQ covers many questions regarding the audits, the information requested during the audits, and how quality measures and overall star ratings would be affected if facilities failed or decided to forgo the audit. There is also an audit form included for facilities to self-audit residents with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

ESRD Tip Sheet- This tip sheet assists facilities that complete in-house dialysis. The tip sheet walks providers through the survey process, policies, and procedures they should have, qualifications and training, coordination of care, and provides resources with more information on the topic.

Tools on the AHCA Survey Preparedness Page

QCOR Tip Sheet and Webinar - A webinar was added to the Survey Preparedness page recently to assist in understanding how to use QCOR.  A tip sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to use the website is also included. QCOR is a helpful website for providers and state affiliates alike to understand trends in citations, scope and severity or recently cited deficiencies, and statistics on when facilities were most recently surveyed.

CMP Analytical Tool Tip Sheet and Webinar​- A webinar was added to the Survey Preparedness page recently to assist in understanding how to use the CMP Analytical Tool on QCOR.  Also included is a tip sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool.  The CMP analytical tool is a helpful tool for providers to use when predicting what their CMP will be after a recent survey.​​

NHSN Tip Sheet- This tip sheet provides guidance on NHSN reporting for facilities and tips to ensure compliance with F884 (reporting to NHSN). The tip sheet also provides a link to CDC modules for additional training.

NATCEP Ban Waiver Tip Sheet- This tip sheet helps providers complete the Ban Waiver Request Form for the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program. A request form is also included on the site.

Questions regarding any of the listed resources can be emailed to regulatory@ahca.org.​