AHCA/NCAL Issues Statement On Need For Provider Relief Funds To Be Released To Long Term Care Providers

COVID-19; Provider Relief Fund

As Congress continues negotiations on a bipartisan infrastructure framework, long term care providers are concerned about preliminary discussions that remaining Provider Relief Funds may be used as a pay-for in the final agreement.  
The following is a statement from Mark Parkinson, president and CEO of AHCA/NCAL: 
“Long term care providers are still facing a historic clinical and financial crisis, and they desperately need assistance to address the impact of the pandemic. We greatly appreciate the Provider Relief Funds that have been distributed thus far, but more is needed as we continue to battle COVID-19. 
“The Provider Relief Fund is meant to be used to support health care providers through this pandemic, and we urge policymakers to distribute the remaining funds to help our residents and staff. Repurposing unused funds is responsible, but the remaining Provider Relief Funds should not be considered unused, as they have not been made available in 2021 and are desperately needed.  

“With the Delta variant spreading rampantly throughout the U.S., now is not the time to divert resources away from health care providers in order to pay for other legislative packages. We strongly encourage Congress to look for alternative ways to pay for the infrastructure package and for the Administration to swiftly deliver the aid to providers as it was intended."