AHCA/NCAL Led Coalition Letter to Homeland and USCIS


AHCA/NCAL recently led a Coalition letter to the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on workforce supply related issues. In the letter, the Coalition noted that the U.S. currently has a labor shortage in many sectors, not the least of which is the health care industry. One issue is the significant delay in USCIS processing Employment Authorization Document (EAD) renewals. Some employees have had to stop working due to USCIS not timely processing the EAD renewals, while others are at risk of soon losing work authorization due to the delays. The problem seems to be this: USCIS does not allow an applicant to file for an EAD renewal any sooner than 6 months before the EAD expiration and yet USCIS is often taking more than a year to process the EAD renewals. In the letter, the Coalition suggested a few ideas to help resolve the problem and are asking USCIS to partner with the health care industry, and the U.S. labor market overall, in trying to retain workers.  ​