AHCA/NCAL and Other Coalition Groups Urge Congress to Reform Medicare Part B Payment System

Medicare; Part B

Last week, AHCA/NCAL and 94 other physician, non-physician, and provider organizations submitted a letter to the leadership of key committees in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The letter requests that the committees collaborate with the provider community to initiate formal proceedings (hearing, roundtables, expert panels, etc.) to discuss potential reforms to the Medicare Part B physician fee schedule payment system to ensure continued beneficiary access to care. Access to essential physician, therapy, portable x-ray, laboratory, and other services for AHCA/NCAL residents could be compromised without such reforms.

The letter thanks Congressional leaders for providing some relief in recent years to help mitigate for significant planned payment rate cuts. However, the current payment model is unstable and contains a flawed incentive payment program that has resulted in declining year-to-year payments. The organizations in the coalition letter welcome the opportunity to work together with Congress to establish a pathway for identifying policy solutions that will ensure long-term stability for the Part B benefit.