Accessing the COVID-19 Vaccine in Long Term Care


AHCA/NCAL has put together resources on how to access the COVID-19 vaccine after the pharmacy partnership concludes, as well as an overview of the COVID-19 vaccine coverage under Medicare. 

Accessing COVID-19 Vaccine in Long Term Care After the Pharmacy Partnership 

AHCA/NCAL has drafted new guidance​ on accessing COVID-19 vaccine in long term care after the LTC Pharmacy Partnership Program is completed. This guidance lays out action steps members should take immediately to ensure ongoing access to vaccine, including how they will receive and administer the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Coverage and Claim Coding in Skilled Nursing Facilities 

AHCA/NCAL has created a fact sheet providing an overview of COVID-19 vaccine coverage under Medicare Part B and how it interacts with Medicare Part A and Medicare Advantage. It discusses common situations where external mass immunizers, such as LTC pharmacies, may be responsible for vaccine administration and ​claim billing. For SNFs that elect to administer and bill for the COVID-19 vaccine, it summarizes the key coverage and claim coding requirements. SNF billing staff should review these requirements and discuss with billing software vendors to assure that the required specifications are included to permit COVID-19 vaccine billing.