Careers in Aging: Amanda Woods, Activities Director

Careers In Aging Week

Amanda has spent her whole career in the health care community, working as a CNA for more than 11 years to an Activities Director for going on six years. “My heart is in this world fully,” Amanda said. Amanda loves and cares for every resident she works with, and strives to make their days a little brighter and bring their families a little closer every day. 

Amanda finds joy in making the little things that residents appreciate happen. “I find that remembering small details they like in their day to day lives is very important. If they like 3 tissues in their pocket or their hair parted to the left. These are the things that make me happy to take care of them.” 

“Taking care of someone else's loved one is one of the most rewarding and hardest jobs there is. I am grateful every day that I got chosen to be one of those people,” Amanda said.