Careers in Aging: Amy Malkin, Chief Operating Officer

Careers In Aging Week
​Amy started her career in long term care in 1991 as a dietary assistant in a skilled nursing facility. She was quickly promoted to the cook position, after receiving on-the-job training. Amy was then taught how to do nutritional charting and was promoted to a dietary manager. Soon after, she was asked to take over management of ancillary departments, such as housekeeping, laundry, and activities. Each department Amy worked in, she learned on-the-job how they work which allowed her to be a good support system for the department employees moving forward. Eventually, Amy was promoted to the Chief Operating Officer of a health care group that operates skilled nursing, assisted living and home health. 

“I feel my story can be inspiring. Throughout all of this, I have never received any formal education. I have no university or college degree. I was able to learn on the job and be promoted from within,” Amy said.

Amy now serves on the Arizona Health Care Association Board of Directors, and on AHCA/NCAL’s committees and Future Leaders Program. 

“The most rewarding part for me is when I get the opportunity to see employees grow professionally, and when you can help a resident and/or their family members. Family members will often come up to me in the community and thank me for the care provided to their family member, long after the family member has been discharged from our center,” Amy said.

Amy is a quintessential example of the growth opportunities that careers in aging present.