Careers in Aging: Jenae Briggs, Admissions Clinical Coordinator

Careers In Aging Week; Workforce

Jenae has been with Lucy Corr for two and a half years, and has worked in healthcare with a specification in skilled and long term care for 9 years. Obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Masters Degree in Public Administration, Jenae started her long term care journey as a social worker and admissions director. Jenae has a passion for helping those in times of need and assisting patients and families in the turning chapters of the later years of their life. 

“There is something about being able to care for those that need assistance and walking them through the steps that are most crucial in their later years of life that brings joy to my heart. Allowing them to know I am there for them very step of the way in such a monumental part of their lives is liberating and humbling all at the same time. Every patient or family you are able to help, it brings a wholeness to who you are and what you are compassionate about. I believe you can help yourself best, in any situation, by helping others.” 

In her “down time,” Jenae spends her time with her husband chasing around their two children, a 5 and 3 year old little boy and girl. Jenae is an active member and advocate in the autism community. She loves to write and blog on various topics such as creating awareness for children with disabilities, grief, and inspiration. Jenae enjoys a good cup of coffee, making anyone smile, helping people in all chapters of life, and most of all watching her kids grow.