Careers in Aging: Karen Honeycutt, Activities Director

Careers In Aging Week; Workforce
Karen has worked at Hyden Health and Rehabilitation Center for 19 years.  She is currently the Activities Director and has been employed in this role for 7 years.  Karen started her career at Hyden Health and Rehabilitation Center when she was in high school at 17 years of age. She has grown up in the facility. When she started working at Hyden Health, she would ride a school bus after classes and work hours on the evening shift.   

Over the years while continuing her employment as a certified nursing assistant, she continued her college education. She completed all her studies for her Associate Degree as a Registered nurse but has remained in the role of Activities Director.  

Karen is always available to help for any events, or wherever she is needed in the facility.  As everyone in the facility is aware, Karen knows every single detail of each resident including food choice, activities, hobbies and personal history.  It is even more amazing that she can also tell you the same information about most of her co-workers.  She takes a special interest in her residents and facility and it shows.